Press Samples:

I am always open to receiving press samples and products to review and style, just as long as they fit in with the general theme of my blog. I only accept products I would personally use and love, so please be aware of this before getting in touch! I am however open to trying out new products, but in this case if I dislike the product, I will still feature this with the reasons as to why I disliked the product. This can normally be down to it working better on different skin types compared to mine, and personal preference. I normally don't contribute to sponsored/guest posts for a payment, but if you have something that fits in with my content I'd be happy to come to some sort of an arrangement, but most of the time my posts are samples I've physically received to review. All samples are reviewed with my truthful opinion, and if you want to collaborate with me, then make sure to contact me at




I live just outside Edinburgh, so events/travel can be accessed more easily! However I do work out with my blog part-time in the evenings. If you'd like me to attend an event in the area or out with, then please do contact me at the email provided below; I will then let you know if I'm free to attend the event or get the time off work if it's further afield. Please make sure to give a minimum of 3-4 weeks notice if the event is during the week, but if it's at the weekend I'm available most weekends anyway, so you don't need to give as much notice if this is the case.


For more information about Krystel Couture and the brands I've had the pleasure of working with in the past please take a look at my "About me" page for more information. You can also visit my "Press" page to view coverage and achievements for Krystel Couture.






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