Krystel Couture.


Jenny is a mid-twenties Fashion, Style and Beauty blogger with some Lifestyle in-between for Krystel Couture, based outside of Edinburgh. Krystel Couture was established back in 2013 during her time studying fashion design and beauty therapy. Jenny enjoys sharing her love for premium beauty, skincare, food and fashion; Covering a variety of topics – your sure to find something of interest in the topic directory and my list of favourite brands. Krystel Couture has been nominated as a finalist in the Company Magazine blog awards 2014 and as part of the Beauty, Blogger awards 2015. In 2016, Krystel Couture has also been featured on one of the top UK wedding blogs Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.


What inspired your blog name?

Krystel Couture was founded through my love for crystals at a young age, where I would collect a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. I also studied Spiritual Healing during my late teens that covered a variety of health/mental related topics and beauty therapy before deciding to go into work full time and this was also around the time I started my blog and I wanted to incorporate this into my brand. The couture side to my blog name is a representation for my love of luxury things and as part of my studies of dressmaking and sewing.


Why did you start Krystel Couture?

I’ve always seen myself as an open-minded person and spiritually aligned with what I’m trying to achieve. Krystel Couture was a spur of the moment decision when studying fashion design. I wanted somewhere to express my love for all things clothing and beauty. Having studied Beauty Therapy I’ve always had a deep interest in skincare and make-up and always enjoy trying new products out and this is the perfect place to share my favourite products and beauty tips/must-haves. I’ve since expanded into lifestyle and some travel posts, being young today is about freedom. There’s a lot more freedom to creatively express yourself and inspire others, whilst figuring out who you are in the process and that’s what I feel Krystel Couture delivers.


How would you describe your style?

Tailored and minimal, style is my forte to express myself as an individual. Working and social comes into play and inspires me every day to incorporate versatility into my wardrobe. I love capsule pieces and have a keen eye for designer footwear and accessories that bring high-street pieces together nicely, for a tailor-made look. I enjoy playing around with textures and love a good neutral palette.


What has been the highlight of Krystel Couture

With the fashion and beauty industries becoming more diverse, I’ve noticed a gap to expand the definition of beauty and Krystel Couture has given me the voice to share my ideas of beauty. Having studied a variety of subjects and losing interest to pursue a career out of them, I wanted to follow my own path and Krystel Couture has allowed me this opportunity to create my own content. The best part of my journey has to be the creativity involved. I guess you could say I’ve dabbled in a variety of things and business ventures – like the time I went into buying and selling jewellery and handbags as part of the ASOS Market Place; but Krystel Couture has to be the highlight of my development and something I’ve stuck at and enjoy every minute of and meeting like-minded people. The main highlight of my journey has to be working with some pretty incredible brands that I’ve loved for years and then newer ones I just discovered! Having a feature in one of the UK’s biggest wedding blogs has to be another pinch-me moment and working alongside some incredible creatives with so much talent for what they do.





Scottish Fashion, Style and Luxury Beauty by Jenny

With a love for minimal, sustainable pieces. Finalist in the UK Blog Awards & Company Magazine Award.