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Fast fashion is a form of cheap clothing retail which involves the mass production of usually low-quality clothes manufactured in developing countries.

Therefore in order to satisfy the insatiable appetites of consumers, some clothing retailers have turned to fast fashion to help boost revenue and appease customers' cravings for buying new items of clothing. 


The fashion industry no longer works on a system of either two or four seasons, with one collection released each season. Many shops are now churning out new collections every month or even every week!

So, continue reading to discover six reasons why giving up on fast fashion could be good for the world (and your bank account).

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1. Environment

One of the main concerns with fast fashion is the amount of damage it does to our natural environment. From the pollution caused by chemical run-off into the water system to the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from the transportation of products around the world.

Above all checkout Stacey Dooley’s documentary about the environmental dangers of fast fashion to learn more.


2. Human rights

Fast fashion companies sell clothes for exceptionally low prices. A T-shirt for £3? A blazer jacket for £10? What about six pairs of socks for £1? Sounds good, but have you ever wondered how companies can afford to do this? Unfortunately, the answer is that they pay their workers very little money.

They get away with this because they often outsource the manufacturing process to countries with no minimum wage and minimal workplace safety rules or trade unions.

For fast fashion to be profitable, companies will continue to do this unless consumers start shopping elsewhere.


3. Waste

The overproduction of clothes based on short-term trends is one of the leading reasons that clothing waste is contributing to the over-filling of landfill sites.

With 300,000 tonnes of used clothing being dumped every year in the UK alone, there has never been a better time to create a more sustainable fashion industry.

Brands like ASOS are already making changes; 70% of the clothes sold on ASOS Marketplace are vintage or pre-worn items.

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4. Quality

Providing monthly or fortnightly clothing collections is not easy, so corners are typically cut in the manufacturing and sewing process.

This means that the £3 T-Shirt you purchased last week, might only last you a couple of wears before it starts falling apart in the washing machine.

While paying a bit more money for better quality clothing might not seem like a good idea – the items will probably last you longer, which leads nicely on to the next reason why you should ditch fast fashion.


5. Style

Fast fashion normally appeals to the lowest common denominator, i.e. what the majority of people will like. This means that fast-fashion retailers tend to choose trendy designs which have instant appeal to the masses.

The problem with this approach is that the clothes are usually only trendy for a very short period of time before they begin to look a bit tacky.

If you are a fan of fast fashion, you will probably be familiar with the embarrassment of turning up to an event wearing the same outfit as at least one other person.

So, why not stick to slower fashion by supporting smaller and independent businesses which will have you standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons!


6. Budget

Buying cheap clothes creates a vicious circle, whereby you have to keep purchasing fast fashion because your clothes fall apart and become unwearable within a super short amount of time.

Spending slightly more money on fashion by purchasing from non-fast fashion retailers will help to ensure that the clothes you do buy can be enjoyed all season and even all year round.

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What're you doing to improve your Fast Fshion foot print?

xo, Jenny



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  1. Anika says:

    Great points, love that you’re sharing and raising more awareness for this! It’s so important! One thing I try to do is shop locally with smaller boutiques and independent shops, and use way more charity shops.

    Anika | thebibliofleur.com

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