Something I've come across time and time again, the problem here is you can wear as much makeup as you want as it doesn't make any difference; at the end of the day it's down to your personal preference...

I'm not one to touch up my make-up throughout the day, in all honesty my make-up lasts from the moment I put it on to the very end of my working day; that being from 9AM - 10PM. I don't seek the validation of others when it comes to how much or how little make-up I wear and make-up has always been a part of our culture even going back to the Egyptian era where they would see beauty as a sign of holliness. Everything the Egyptians used had a spiritual, magical and religious aspect to it even cosmetics where they would burry makeup palettes in the tombs with the decised. Henna, another favourite of mine for colouring my hair was hugley popular in this time to paint nails, colour hair and apply makeup.

Make-up as an art form, it takes ages to master certain techniques and I've spent my time practising some myself these past few months and upping my make-up game per say. Yes, I have day's where I go completely make-up free now that my skins starting to heal up nicely and I even go make-up free in the evenings. On days where I do wear make-up sometimes I go for the more light, natural look and others I go full out with contour, eyeshadow, false lashes, the lot!!.... Make-up doesn't make me feel confident, in all honesty it's my hair that I use as a cover blanket when my confidence is low. My hair is my everything and in all honesty I do feel good when wearing make-up and absolutely love playing around with different textures, shades and products but when not wearing make-up I still feel just as good and that's why I wanted to bring this post forward today.

Just like myself, you too could be just as confident without the need for make-up and when you do decided to go full out maybe you find people commenting on your apperance and making remarks about how much is too much. I just ignore this now as it's my choice how much is too much and make-up should be enjoyed and experiemented with. Just like the Egyptians make-up is still seen as a luxury in today's culture and we have a huge range of budget to more luxurious, high-end products to choose from. You'd be crazy not to dabble in make-up with such a large selection to suit all personalities. I used to love wearing thick black eyeliner and more paler toned make-up going through my more gothic/mosher stage in my life back in my early teens. These day's my makeup has matured and I enjoy going for a more natural look but dabble with different looks from time to time to test my creativity. I'm no make-up expert/artist but having studied beauty therapy and launching my blog, I've always had a keen interest in all things beauty, make-up and skincare.

Everyone should be able to enjoy makeup from all genres of style and personalities. It's supposed to be fun and I just don't see why there's so much hate around make-up, more so in today's society. I personally see my face as a canvas, not used to hide my imperfections but to enhance what I already have naturally. I'm using make-up as a way to express how I'm feeling that day, just like my style my make-up works alongside my mood.

Society is evolving, and fast! It's inspiring and I love watching tutorials from really talented self-taught and pro make-up artists. Young girls and woman are pressured everyday to look and feel a certain way by the mainstream media to measure up to some pretty high standards. There's day's when everybody has felt like this and I've been here myself on numerous times! Even the most pro of make-up artists must feel pressured at some point in there career and the cycle goes on and on.

We all have different reasons for wearing make-up but I've noticed that most marketing campaigns are focusing more on embracing the natural look but still applying the pressure to use make-up to achieve this look. Make-up should be used in a way to alter one's appearance without perament results. Women should be allowed to wear makeup to feel good about themselfs and have fun, not to please other people.

Cosmetics aren't a requirment for everyone if you don't have any interest in make-up or just love the natural look but they should be seen as a way to express oneself. Make-up should be used as a reflection of the individual and what they want to make of it. No one needs make-up, it's a choice, a lifestyle, it's something that makes me start my day on a positive high and something I can't wait to do every morning. Make-up to me is the excitment I get when pulling out my beautiful matte lipsticks and selecting a shade that represents me for the day, something that fits in with my mood/outfit; the same applies to my eyeshadow.


I definitely see myself as the daring one, the one who enjoys putting on different characters, loves experiemtning to reveal a different look everyday. I don't succumb to the the lastest beauty fads, ads or promotions that push products all the time to fit in with the latest trends. I buy into what works for me and over the years this is something I've been focusing on to get right and to enhance my natural beauty. If this is you, then you already appreciate what you already have whilst advocating a body positive image. We need more of this and everyone has the right to define beauty in there own unique way and not how the fashion/beauty and advertising industry sees it!



Some people will just never understand make-up at all and see it as some sort of material possesion but in all honesty make-up has been a part of society for centuries and always will be a part of our society as it's ever expanding. It doesn't matter if I've had the busiest of day's/weeks I will most always apply my make-up as it's become some what of a daily routine of mine and something that set's me up for the day, no matter how crap I'm feeling on the inside.


Real, true lasting confidence comes from within, not what you apply to your face.


  1. Jenny says:

    Me too Lauren! I find makeup therapeutic as it takes 15 minutes out of your day to create a look you love and feel like for that specific day! I find it relaxing and love trying new things! xx

  2. I think makeup is such an amazing thing and definitely something that needs to be more accepted in society! I love how you can experiment with makeup. I also love having it as part of my everyday routine. I find it quite therapeutic xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

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