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Welcome back to a brand new me and a brand new space to share everything from more Ethical Fashion to Natural Beauty/Skincare...

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Okay, so going by the title you might be wondering what this is all about and where I've been! I've been on a journey of decluttering my life and closet and finding joy in the simplier things in life...

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This is a word that definitely makes me shudder, maybe because I was once terrible for buying things I didn't need nor use and really it was just for the sake of buying something, terrible I know!... This was basically to fill the void in my wardrobe of things I thought I needed but in reality I never even used as they just gathered dust at the back of my closet. The cost of clothing has become so cheap in today's society and accessable that it's getting even worse with milenials buying items they don't need nor will ever use just like myself back in my tweens/teens. I guess with growing older you begin to actualy realise the enviormental impact your own shopping habits have as a whole in society and the fact the majority of these items are made through cheap labour and not the best quality of materials.



This one might come easy to some and challenging to others! I had to change my mind set when it comes to clothing for my own mental wellbeing as I was just overwhelemed with the majoirty of my wardrobe and with that being said I don't even own much, however it was more than enough that I had to do something about it. The majority of my closet was sale buys or items that I no longer relate to or love! I decided to clear everything out that I haven't worn in months and keep the things I do enjoy wearing and more natural materials. This really does take a huge weight of your shoulders and it gives you more creative freedom to love the pieces you already own and to style them differently and re-use each piece over and over again.

Everything we to do is so fast paced that it's hard to keep up and on trend when it comes to fashion do's and don't that quite frankley I'm OVER IT! I say that in a sense of relief that I've decided to step back and find my own path, a path of more natural means by sourcing natural fibres that will last years instead of weeks/months and all in all finding my own personal style again.



Well this one is quite simple really, it basically fits in with the principle of slow fashion; the complete opposite of fast fashion. Being ethical is more of a lifestyle choice once you really get into the swing of it and it just brings more peace, joy and harmony to your living space and mental/physical wellbeing. It's such a joy to be able to love the pieces you own again and wear and not take them for granted! I've even started repairing pieces I love instead of replacing them by getting my sewing needle and thread out and it just brings an enjoyment I'd never have experienced before turning to more ethical ways. Ethical fashion focuses on both the social and enviromental impact of fashion and really hammers home the importance of quality over quanity.


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What're your thoughts on this outfit?? Do you agree with being more ethical when it comes to our fashion choices?


xo, Jenny


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2 responses to “Why Ethical Fashion is The Right Thing To Do”

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Gabrielle, thanks for commenting and you’re so right! It’s a challange but so worth it! X

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Love this point of discussion! With regard to your points, changing a mindset can be the most challenging – but totally the most worthwhile, particularly when it comes to ethical fashion 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

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