Perfect Brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow

Here we have the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade, something I've been using non-stop for years now!! This has been my favourite eyebrow definer to date... Off course I still love the Benefit Gimme brow formula but love switching between the two and just find the Anastasia Beverly Hills formula more creamy and pigmented. As the title suggests, you can't really go wrong with this pomade, it's super pigmented and easy to apply.

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The great thing about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow formula is the fact it only takes minutes to apply and blend! I'd highly recommend getting a slanted brow brush to perfect the look and really define the brows. I used my Real Techniques eyebrow brush from the eye set to fill in my brows and give a natural finish; the slanted brush picks up the right amount of product and gives you the perfect shape to fill in and define the brows for maximum impact. This is definitely a minimum product with maximum impact, it instantly adds rich colour to the brows and frames the face perfectly! The product appears supernatural on the brows and blends beautifully by blending with the natural brow hairs for a really nice finish. Again you can go subtle with this product and build up the colour for a more bold look but I personally enjoy playing around with both natural and bold looks and really like how glossy the formula is on the brows for a noticeable healthy-looking shine.

The overall formula is pretty thick in consistency, so you really don't need much product, meaning this little glass pot will last you months! A great investment and something I can't live without. Not only is the packaging sleek but the product also matches perfectly by giving a gentle sheen to the natural hair, another great reason to pick this up! Having my brows regularly shaped also helps to define my face, but I only get this done every few months so technically the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow works to keep my eyebrows looking shaped and polished. Another great thing about this little pot is the fact it's long lasting! It's perfect for warm summer day's/evenings as its completely smudge proof. I'm forever touching my face and always accidentally touching my eyebrows when keeping my hair out of my face to find the product on my hands, but with this, it stays in place and lasts all day! It's great for oily skin like mine, as this can be a problem for me too...

I would apply this straight from the pot by dipping my slanted brow brush into the product and then I will dispense the product in the middle of the brows and start working it out to the tail of the brow and along the bottom to define and shape. After getting the shape perfect I then gently blend to give a more natural finish and might then add more colour depending on how subtle or bold I want my eyebrows.

Have you used this dip brow pomade? What're your thoughts?

xo, Jenny

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