How to be more Sustainable

When it comes to Fashion Choices

I know, I've been pretty terrible with keeping up with posting on here these past couple of months but I'm still going through personal development myself on a new spiritual journey away from the beliefs I used to follow and thought was right! So, with that being said during this journey without getting too "religious", I wanted to create more meaningful content and wanted to distance myself away from the material things to provide a more informative space for my readers to enjoy and learn from!...


I think this is the fundamental part of my journey to do better in a sense! To learn myself on this journey and also share these experiences with others and not make it solely about the materials of the world and more about how we can actually give back and take care/cherish the things we have and the plant and learn to make the items we purchase go the extra mile and not support fast fashion and to just be more conscious of what we put our energy and time into when it comes to dressing well and buying more ethical cosmetics/skincare.


Anyway, I'll stop rambling on now and get on with the post and hopefully, I can provide a more knowledgeable space around here ...


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  1. Good vs. Poor Quality  - One way I've learned to shop more sustainably is by saving up and investing in good quality pieces but with that being said, expensive doesn't always mean good quality! You really need to inspect the garment for the materials used and stitch work. I've bought various higher end garments to find the sewing below par when it comes to investing in more higher-end brands. I absolutely love Whistles and own a couple of items from this brand but without being too harsh I have noticed some items to be very hit and miss when it comes to the stitch work/materials for such a high price point that I just wouldn't pay for in terms of quality.
  2. Take A Fast Fashion Break - Hide the credit card and take a break from shopping for a good couple of weeks if not more so a month! Consider your options when it comes to buying more eco-friendly garments using natural fibers such as Organic/Pima cotton OR Linen.
  3. Repair & Mend - Instead of tossing out old shoes why not take them to a local cobbler to have them refreshed, resoled or reheeled. The same goes for clothing! These can be easily repaired at home with a handy sewing kit and needle OR taken to a tailor to mend if you're not so confident with needle and thread.
  4. Upcycling - Similar to the point I've made above - why not reuse clothing you already have by mixing/matching outfits and re-creating pieces that no longer work in your wardrobe by making jeans into shorts or long/baggy tops into cropped tops and distressing your own pieces that haven't been worn in ages to give them a new lease of life.
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What's your favorite tip for being more sustainable when it comes to fashion??


xo, Jenny


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