Maison Michel one of my all-time favourite hatmakers, come and join me as I take you down memory lane... I want to showcase one of my favourite classic pieces from the Parisian milliner. This piece I managed to snap up through Net-A-Porter.com (also one of my absolute favourite online destinations). I can't recommend them enough and find the shipping/order process super easy and convenient (did I forget to mention the season sales are EPIC)...! 


I can't begin to explain how much looks I get when I wear this hat out and just adore the structured shape to this Fedora and the classic brim with matte black ribbon and the Maison Michel Logo stamp to the side. I can remember watching an old season of Keeping up with the Kardashians; (I know guilty pleasure) and seeing Khloe and Kourtney rocking these hats throughout the season and I fell in love with the brand and had to find out the designer as these hats really do stand out but they also have a contemporary edge to them that's classic but also show-stopping!...

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Maison Michel was first founded in 1936, and by the 1960s we have the emergence of ready to wear... Looking back at old photos with my gran the other week hat's where hugely popular during the Second World War era, I'm going back 1939-1950's. Everybody photography was always dressed beautifully and all sporting various hat designs that were popular during that time from Boating hats to the classic Fedora.

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Just looking at these photos really takes you back to that point in time and how clothing was very important even during a time of such deprivation. Clothing would be hard to come by during the Second World War and people really did have to make do with upcycling old garments and making do with the clothing they already had and being all-around creative. This really inspires me seeing such beautiful imagery and clothing and how smart everybody was and the amount of effort put into looking very well put together when it comes to comparing the fashions of today.


I feel today we've maybe lost touch with this aspect and it's very fast fashion compared to investing in good quality pieces as they did back in the 1940-50s era and using this to their advantage and I just feel consumerism is not the answer but maybe go back in time by loving our clothes again and making more of an effort to upcycle and actually enjoy the pieces we already own. I feel this every time I look at and wear one of my Maison Michel hats as it really takes you back in time but also has a modern elegance to each design. By the 1970s Maison Michel Courts the world of Haute Couture to then become the privileged partner of Haute Couture by 1980, this must have been such an accomplishment and really puts MM on the map. By 1997 Maison Michel joins Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collective of speciality ateliers.

By 2006 Maison Michel launches its ready-to-wear line, Headed by Creative Director Priscilla Royer, the atelier combines cultural and historical references to create beautiful headwear that’s at once wearable and full of attitude. The first boutique was then opened in 2013 in Paris, France followed by London. Luxury online retailers such as Harrods, FarFetch, Mythreasa and Net-A-Porter stock a wide range of limited edition (seasonal) and permanent collections too!... 2016 saw Maison Michel celebrate 80 years in business and 10 years from first launching its ready-to-wear line whilst launching its eponymous diffusion line under Laëtitia Crahay; whilst remaining the luxury supplier to the major fashion houses. VIP clients also have a separate bespoke service...


What's your favourite designer/fashion piece in your wardrobe?

xo, Jenny


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