The Wonders of Coconut Oil


I’m sure you’ve all heard about how well coconut oil works as a multi-tasker. There’s countless articles on the benefits and uses of coconut oil and below I will share my favourites with you.


One of my most prefereed uses is by using one teaspoon in your tea, coffee or on it’s own as it has so much health benefits and also helps stave off cravings. As a cooking oil, this works just as good and I love making pancakes, curries and other saviory/sweet dishes with it.


After super soft skin? This works just aswell used as a body oil and works wonders on dry areas and leaves my skin soft, glowing and hydrated. Your skin is the biggest organ, so why not feed it with natural goodness. I enjoy using this after a hot bath and leave the oil to melt into my skin before getting dressed. It leaves your skin beautifully scented and not overpowering at all.


I’ve just started removing my make-up using coconut oil and blown away by the results. My make-up literally melts away and it makes for a great first cleanser. After cleansing this also works just as hard as a moisturising balm. One of my best used methods for coconut oil is oil pulling. This has become some sort of ritual of mine that I try and use every morning as a pre-brush treatment by swishing it around in my mouth for ten-fifteen minutes. Oil pulling gently whitens teeth naturally, you should start seeing results after the first week. Remember to always spit the oil out after use, don’t swallow it or put down the drains as it hardens again and can cause blockage problems to the drain system. I just spit mine into a tissue and place it in the bin.

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