Why Your Clothing Could be Impacting the Environment

It's been close to half a year since I last started typing again on here and I've really missed it, to be honest with you. A lot has happened this past year that I thought I should delve into just to clear the air and in a way allow me to move on... I've been going through a lot of healing this past couple of months on a higher level and a level I actually feel most comfortable at! A spiritual awakening per se!...

I'm NOT going to go into the full details as I don't want to overwhelm anybody reading this and I can go really in-depth but I want to keep this light-hearted and fun as this is the emotional level I've been on these past few months after some pretty tragic events happening in my life and with this outcome bringing me back closer to my real self and having the knowledge and awareness of what life truly means ... To break it down I'm actually talking about the material things in life that we all succumb to - I just want to let you know that these things are NOT of importance but that of friends, family and spiritual self-awareness.

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I guess with that being said this is where writing on here became difficult for me - a blockage in some shape or form... I was struggling to post for long periods of time whilst going through this journey as in all honesty I had nothing to talk about! To be frank I completely re-invented myself back to my old routes of spirituality and went even deeper to educate myself to the darker sides of this industry. Don't get me wrong I've always been very AWARE of what I've been doing and promoting but not to the extent where it actually affects the ENVIRONMENT and peoples well-being on a mental and physical level. This journey allowed me to truly open myself up to the possibilities of the negative effects of social media and this whole movement brings on many levels. This did set me back in more ways than one because this is what I enjoy and love doing as it allows me to express myself and share my love for luxury beauty and clothing.

I've had to adapt myself and really think hard about where my website is going from here with my whole change and views on things within this sector and out! I really want to bring change but also share my love for clothing and beauty still but from a more natural perspective. Let me explain - this past couple of months I've had a huge clear out of my wardrobe and cosmetics and donated everything I no longer require. Fabrics that did not contain natural fibers had to go, along with non-natural cosmetics. I'm now on a path of natural only products, produce and clothing, something I've always preached and followed but have let slip in the cosmetic and fashion areas of my life this past couple of years. I've always stuck to a natural diet however and very aware of the ingredients/foods I consume. I will allow a couple of products I adore that aren't of natural origin such as my Shampoos/Conditioners that work to revive my hair but do contain ingredients that aren't of harm but aren't made from natural ingredients. Clothing, however, has shocked me at how much of an environmental impact it can cause from the manufacturing process to consumerism.


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Consumerism is such a huge deal in today's society that it's becoming a major problem, a global epidemic and thus the reason why I've started to change my very own carbon footprint by downsizing my wardrobe, cosmetics and other areas of my life into something more minimal and of natural origin. Yes, it's very hard to make everything in your life completely 100% natural, but you can always make small changes here and there that do actually make a huge impact on yourself and the environment. I've cleared out my entire wardrobe and donated fabrics that weren't of natural origin to various charity shops and the majority still in excellent condition - this is down to my efforts of creating a natural wardrobe made from fibers such as Silks, Viscose, Cashmere, Wool, and Cottons, etc. Yes, cotton is most probably one of the worst for high pollution during the manufacturing process and best avoided where possible by swapping for ORGANIC COTTON, a beautiful fiber that uses no pesticides and is chemical free! You get many different variations of cotton from normal organic cotton to Pima, Supima and Egyptian etc. You have many options to choose from and can research these individual fabrics to see what suits your lifestyle needs.

This journey has really been eye-opening for me especially when it comes to researching individual fibres and their characteristics. It's a lengthy process and highly enjoyable once you begin the process of becoming more AWARE of the clothes you are wearing every day and the majority contain high levels of pesticides and chemicals from the dyes and various substances used to make the clothing you wear day in, day out. You might ask the question as to where you can find NATURAL fabrics at a more affordable price - compared to big online retailers (not going to name names) to your high street stores that don't offer natural substitutes and only mass-produced garments to keep up with consumer demand that is highly impacting the environment on a global scale.


I have my own personal favourite websites that I shop on regularly such as Net-A-Porter, The Outnet and Revolve - which cater for those looking to invest in more natural fabrics such as silks and linen to name a few. Yes, silks and linen come at a higher price tag, but ask yourself this! Do you really need more than 3+ pairs of shorts OR plain white tops? Ideally NO... Invest in one basic white tee made from Organic Cotton preferably, at a slightly higher price than cotton that will last longer and give you the comfort in knowing it's 100% natural and good for your skin and the environment. Organic cotton needn't be expensive, my favourite organic cotton online store at the moment is a brand called Ninety Percent, a premium brand that donates 90% of its profits back to an organisation of your choice! (how amazing is that?). This brand can also be found through Net-A-Porter - just one of my favourite online destinations and I can't recommend them enough.


I actually take pleasure in saving up my hard earned money for pieces I truly LOVE and ADORE and even better knowing it's impacting the environment on a more positive level. This journey has been not just a materialistic eye opener but also spiritually awakening to the idea that what we wear impacts us and the world we live in! Can you imagine what all these chemicals/pesticides are doing to our bodies when wearing these garments for long periods of time? Doesn't bear thinking about, does it?. People focus way to much on health/diet but we should be looking at other areas too! Especially within the fashion/beauty industry as to what goes into the products we use and wear daily!.


One thing I've been noticing recently and that I would like to point out when shopping online is some items are marked as Cashmere, Silk OR Wool fibres when this is NOT the case... Let me explain - A brand/Company is allowed to mark something as containing natural fibres when in reality the fabric is only a SMALL percentage of this natural fibre MIXED with manmade fibres. I really wanted to make my readers aware of this and the importance of it as its a very small percentage of the natural fibre in the garment, yet they're still allowed to sell this particular item at a very high price point!.


Please do your research when it comes to investing in expensive garments that are labelled as Wool in the title and check the Details OR Wear and Care section on the website for the particular piece you're interested in buying to see the percentage of what fabric the garment is made from! If per se you're buying a 100% Cashmere garment it should say this in the Details Section - A mixed garment, on the other hand, will say 80% Cashmere, 20% Wool. I have noticed websites labelling natural fibres alongside man-made ones as "Wool", this, however, is misleading the consumer and incorrect! If you look at the fibre details the garment will be made from 10% Wool and 90% Acrylic - thus being a very low percentage of natural fibre but a very high price point. Keep an eye out for this the next time you're shopping and you will notice this is a very common practice in the industry and very misleading.

What's your thoughts on Sustainable fashion and the impacts of Fast Fashion?

xo, Jenny

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  1. Jessica says:

    This is such a wonderful read dear. Indeed, it’s time for us to consider the things that we purchase, especially clothes. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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