How to Style A Lace Slip Dress for Cooler Weather


This outfit is my current go to with the recent cold spell hitting us at the minute! A classic white Levis tee underneath one of my favourite floral lace dresses that really shows of the unique detailing to this piece and the transparent hem...


Layering slip dresses for cooler weather...

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This dress is perfect for all seasons with its minimal detailing but striking lace finish and not only can it be layered effortlessly it's also really warm worn but I prefer layering it up with a classic white tee to really show off the detailing and find this levis tee the perfect ensemble. If you want to see this dress unlayered then make sure to check this post here for some styling inspo paired with distressed denim. The dress hits just above the floor when worn with heels and this is how I would normally wear this piece to prevent the hem from getting dusty from the ground. I decided to team it with my new Ann Demeulemeester sandals from Net-A-Porter.com.


These sandals are to die for and also come in a stunning velvet finish - I, however, went with classic leather! As much as I adore velvet I just had to go with the leather as it will last the test time. It just seemed like the right choice at the time and even more so when investing such a huge amount into the sandals for all seasons. I couldn't stop looking at these sandals and just knew they had to be mine by how much I would think about them and even whilst in Florida I would keep checking up to make sure my size was still in stock for coming home to order...



What can I say, I'm a sucker for wishlist-ing and these sandals have been on my radar for months now!! I actually purchased them back in May a couple of weeks after we arrived home in the one day only Pre-Sale preview and myyy god it was a relief. I managed to bag them at over £100 off the full retail price and couldn't be happier with them! Every detail is done to the highest standard and the stitch work around the sole itself is impeccable.

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As you might have already noticed I've had to pair my favourite bag from Furla with this outfit as the bright yellow just pops against the minimalism of the black and white in this outfit - I just LOVE the contrast. Anyway, this is my go-to summer bag and so compact that I can fit everything inside and it still looks super chic and actually helps to break down the toughness of this outfit with a more feminine twist alongside the floral detailing of the maxi dress.


 Tee: Levis /  Shoes: Ann Demeulemeester /  Coat: River Island /  Necklace: Sacet* / Bag:  Furla / Dress: Rock my Vintage* / Sunglasses: Prada



A new piece to my jewellery collection from Sacet really helps to bring a chic twist and extra minimal detailing to this outfit in the most unique of designs. This piece is very dainty and more suited to low neck tops but I decided to pair it with my high neckline levis top to accessorise - as the 18K rose gold tones match beautifully against the hardware on my Furla bag. I will be speaking more on this specific necklace soon and will go into more detail around the craftsmanship and no doubt you will be seeing it featured more in up and coming outfits...



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What're your thoughts on this outfit? Do you have a favourite pair of sandals for summer??

xo, Jenny


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  1. Jessica says:

    Lovely look dear! That necklace is so pretty. Love the simplicity and the elegance of the style.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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