Lime Salon Biolage RAW Flagship Salon Transformation

I can't even tell you how excited I am typing this out to show you my complete hair transformation with Lime Salon using the Matric Biolage range. I'm over the moon with the service received and couldn't be happier with the final results from a full colour and cut transformation that brings life back to my hair and makes such a HUGE change to being a redhead for the past six-plus years...

Below you will find before and after pictures of my hair transformation and lots of information on the salon and my overall experience...

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alexanderwangkirbyhighheelbootie, alexanderwang, krystelcouture, alexanderwangkirbyboot, alexanderwangboots,

[pipdig_padded_text padding='250']I think the pictures really say a lot when it comes to noticing a HUGE difference in the condition and style of my hair before going through with the transformation. I've never considered changing the colour of my hair as red was always my thing and the fact I wanted a more natural approach when it comes to colouring my hair using henna instead of chemical colourants. However, I couldn't be more wrong! It turns out the henna I was using did contain metallic salts which as a matter of fact are also found in store-bought box dyes too and for this reason hairdressers always recommended to avoid such ways of colouring your hair and to pop into your nearest salon for a professional colour treatment. After discovering what was inside my henna colourant I wasn't so confident about using it anymore and since last August I stepped away from the henna and let my hair recover over a couple of months before getting booked into Lime Salon in Inverkeithing for a full-colour treatment.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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I decided to hop on the train to Lime Salon since it passes through Inverkeithing on the way to Edinburgh instead of driving. As soon as you step off the platform and make your way around and out of the station you will then walk towards the small picturesque town of Inverkeithing. This is actually my first time visiting Inverkeithing but it was super easy to locate the salon as you walk straight forward through the town to then find the salon located right at the very end of the street. The salon front really stands out so you can't really miss it as your walking down the street. As you walk through the main entrance you are then greeted by reception and offered tea, coffee (any blend you can imagine) OR prosecco - a first for me. The salon really wants to create a relaxed/chilled atmosphere to make you feel at home and pampered during your visit to then go home feeling like a VIP.


After receiving my cappuccino, I then made my way to the couches to wait for my hair technician to take me upstairs to start the colour process. As I waited I helped myself to various magazines and enjoyed my coffee as I soaked up the atmosphere and relaxed a little more to enjoy my experience as this is the first time I've ever had my hair professionally coloured. After a couple of minutes, my hair colour technician arrived to take me upstairs to the main hair salon - which is a HUGE open space with lots of light beaming through the large glass windows and rows of island styling units and sufficient workspace. We decided to go up to the back of the salon where it wasn't as busy and started to discuss what colours were going to be applied and where. To the roots, we went with a rich chocolate brown to then follow with a stunning copper ombre effect to the lengths and ends.


I absolutely love the results and totally considering a more coppery blonde ombre next to lighten the ends more but for now, I'm enjoying the dramatic change to what my hair was originally.

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xo, Jenny

4 responses to “Lime Salon Biolage RAW Flagship Salon Transformation”

  1. sia says:

    This place is lovely and lively. Your hair has transformed beautifully, lusher and looks fuller. Enjoy
    Sia | http://www.wintersnuggle.com

  2. Jessica says:

    Dear, your hair looks amazing! Lovely color.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. TheStyleRawr says:

    WOW! Your hair is in such a beautiful condition, I loooove the colour! Serious hair goals.

    T x

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