Happy Fifth Birthday Merumaya

Happy Birthday Merumaya and I almost can't believe it's been five years since Maleka first started small time brand Merumaya and made it into something much, much bigger over those five years. I can't begin to imagine how thrilled she must be over the success of Merumaya and I for one absolutely love the products and most importantly the natural ingredients and research that goes into the creation of each product. I can remember back to when I first discovered the brand and my first ever product and still a firm favourite of mine today was the Mud Marvels Mask, a very thorough mask that smells really floral once applied to the skin and works to purify and cleanse the skin. The reason why I love this mask so much is the fact my skins very congested from time to time and I do get the frequent break out, so it's nice to have this for emergencies and it leaves my skin super soft....

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The next product we have in the gift pack is the Melting Cleansing Balm*, another product I've enjoyed using over the past week and it smells just like the Mud Marvels Mask. This melts my makeup beautifully and it's super easy to remove every trace of makeup with the melting technology infused into this little balm. I'm intrigued to buy the full version now as I've loved the effects of this balm and it's very gentle on the skin and works great with the daily cleansing cloth. My skins most definitely feel's refreshed after using this and softer. 

After using the Cleansing Balm, I will then apply the Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil*. Now, it's no secret I love my higher end facial oils and can't live without them! This oil smells exactly like the cleanser and mask and it's very rich in consistency with a luxuriously thick texture and it sits on the skin but gradually dispenses over time. It doesn't take long to sink into the skin and I like the fact it gradually melts away as it helps to plump out my skin and leaves the perfect base for makeup or my moisturiser at night. What gets me most about this oil is the fact you can use it in so many ways! It can be applied to the face, body, scalp, hair, cuticles and lashes/brows. I don't have any luxury oils that have more uses than one and that's what makes this particular oil stand out in my collection. The sample size is pretty small, so I would have to buy the fuller size at some point but for now, I'm still testing this out to see if I will re-purchase. I've used this neat on my skin but you can add the oil to your favourite moisturiser or body cream to apply to the body. You can also apply this neat on the scalp by massaging it in to relieve dry, flaky scalps and then wash off in the morning. You can do the same technique as an overnight hair treatment to bring back moisture or apply to dry ends without the need of washing out before styling. 

The last product in the pack is the Youth Preservation Moisturiser with SPF 20*, I'm pretty picky when it comes to moisturisers and like to see a difference in my skin when using them. This moisturiser is packed with powerful active ingredients to fight against the ageing process and to frim and plump the skin. I haven't used this long enough to comment on the effects but it smells great and it's light on the skin. The consistency isn't thick so it's easy to melt into the skin and most importantly it helps to protect the skin from Environmental/UVA/UVB damage with SPF20. The ingredients sound perfect for my skin time with the anti-bacterial and sebum control technology. The formulas non-greasy and my makeup glides on effortlessly and sits well all day (even without the need of setting spray). It's perfect for my weekday looks when I opt for more natural, light coverage foundation and a nice face oil, moisturiser to protect the skin underneath. Just like the Mud Mask, this also contains Vitamin E and Mangosteen Extract, Baobab Oil to hydrate and plump the skin whilst providing cellular protection. 

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I'm assuming like me, you want to know more about these fabulous products pictured and even I'm intrigued having not tried any of these products until last week when I received them through the door to mark Merumayas fifth birthday. I've been using them ever since and just like the Mud Marvels Mask* these products also have the same uplifting, floral scent that I absolutely adore and it really sets the brand apart from others with this unique, signature scent. I haven't had much time to fully review each product but I will include a small introduction to each and how these work to benefit your skin. I for one love the products and just feel they leave me energised for the day and they all work in harmony together to give me a complete luxurious daily skincare regime.

So since we're on the topic of Mud Marvels and I've raved about this enough, I thought I would talk a little more about the product and the ingredients that help to leave your skin visibly clearer and brighter in appearance. Activated charcoal is the key ingredient to this one and the benefits from this ingredient help to absorb and extract toxins from the skin. It's almost like a vacuum for the skin and helps to reduce pore size, blemishes and dullness. The activated charcoal is also treated with oxygen to enhance these results and Volcanic Ash helps in drawing out impurities for firmer, brighter and softer skin. 

On top of this, you also have natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids to loosen and remove the top layer of dead skin to reveal a fresh, brighter layer underneath and this is the key to treating blemish prone skin like mine by renewing the skin's surface and this also rids of dullness for a brighter more youthful complexion. Nourishing oils, Antioxidants and Vitamins such as Oat oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter help to support the skins natural lipid barrier and improve moisture intake.

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I love the idea behind the Daily Cleansing Cloths* and feel these are reasonably priced for the amount you get and the cloths are really thick and remove my makeup effortlessly with slight exfoliation. To celebrate Merumayas Fifth Birthday, they're kindly giving away this exact kit for you to grab with a minimum spend of £25. It's totally worth it in my opinion and you get a generous mix of full and sample sized products as shown in this post with a free wash bag on top to store everything away in. It's the perfect opportunity to try out the brand if you haven't already done so and this offer runs from Friday 13th to October 19th, while stocks last. The products aim to fight the ageing process and perfect existing signs of ageing if you are a more mature reader of my website and looking for products to work effectively at minimising the appearance of fine lines, deep-seated wrinkles and to firm and tighten the skin's elasticity naturally without the need for botox. The signature essence blend (which I lightly touched on above) that's inside each product to bring an uplifting floral scent to each is reputed to uplift and evoke confidence levels. 


Have you heard of Merumaya before? Is so what's your favourite product from the range?

xo, Jenny


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