Autumn Weddings and What to Buy

With Autumn now fast approaching I wanted to touch down on some wedding gift ideas with Autumn being one of my favourite wedding seasons. Last Autumn we had a magical photo shoot for up and coming weddings to place in our portfolio and this was based at The Brye at Inchyra, just outside of Perthshire. You can have a read of the full post here and maybe even take some inspiration away from the beautiful imagery for your own Autumn themed wedding this year or the next.

Autumn is my favourite time of year and I always feel inspired when it comes to Autumnal themed weddings and how you can make it the most magical/special day of your life. I've touched down on details and presentation when it comes to a themed wedding in my Bohemian inspired wedding post but wanted to share gift ideas this time for up and coming weddings. Weddings can be tricky to buy for but my best rule of action is to think of sentimental pieces that can be cherished for life by the receiver. Gifts should be unique and special when it comes to finding that perfect wedding present and today I've collected some of my favourite unique gifts from Uncommongoods to give you an idea for unique gifts for the groom or bride. Celebrating craftsmanship and independent artists, Uncommongoods has something for everyone and most importantly that special bride and groom on their big day. Each piece sold on this website has been crafted by hand and holds a sentimental value to the product, that can then be passed down generations and hold pride of place within the family as an heirloom.

I thought this necklace concept was such a great idea for which ever season you find yourself invited to a wedding to hand over as a special gift to the bride to be, as the Four Seasons Necklace will most definitely leave a lasting impression on the receiver. Artist Catherine Weitzman not only shares the same last name as my favourite shoe designer of all time but she also invented this incredible piece of statement jewellery that will work as an everyday piece as well as a keepsake. These necklaces are handmade in Hawaii and use 18-carat gold vermeil or sterling silver as the basis of these incredible designs. The Autumn themed necklace comes with 18K gold acorn charms and tourmaline rondelles with quartz beads to finish off. You can also find more unique gift ideas for brides here if this particular style isn't to your taste. 

A Personalised Whiskey Barrel might not be your first thought when it comes to gifting, however, it makes complete sense! What man doesn't love a good old tipple and men aside I actually love a good drink of whiskey myself mixed with Ferntimans Curiosity Cola (a natural alternative to coca cola). I'm not the only one who loves whiskey in the family, my gran loves a good whiskey dram and often has a tipple in the evenings mixed into hot cocoa or coffee. In all honesty, she also loves it neat... Anyway enough of that and back to the personalisation concept of the whiskey barrel. The mature oak barrel adds depth and flavour to your tipple of choice to produce peak flavour by accelerating the ageing process. We have many huge Whiskey distilleries here in Scotland and Pitlochry has to be my favourite, I have a couple of favourite blends I enjoy made locally here alongside good old Jack Daniels. 

A wedding will stay with you for decades to come with lots of photographs, videos and memories from the big day that you might want to keep in one special place. I highly recommend a Personalized Journal to keep everything in a safe place. This journal not only allows you to add everything from your wedding day from photographs, text and dates but it also allows you the ability to keep adding special dates with custom pages to add future anniversary milestones. This is basically a couple's record of special times and it's presented beautifully in in a matching storage box with fine quality paper and silk moire binding. The journal also comes with each persons name engraved on the cover; creating an instant heirloom. 

Okay, so first up we have something that really stood out to me on a personal level and that's the Wishing Ball, a hand-blown blue shimmer glass in the shape of a crystal ball. This is described as the perfect way to treasure weekly wishes or thoughts. I think this is really unique and I adore the concept behind it! It's much different to anything else I've come across. This wishing ball comes with 52 individual slips of paper to write whatever your heart desires, whether it wishes or romantic gestures and keep a weekly up keep that goes back into the ball for life. 



The Maple Wood Watch makes for the perfect statement piece when it comes to finding something that extra special for the groom on his big day. I actually on a similar piece from JORD here and adore this piece for its unique materials and beautiful finish. You really can't go wrong with this as a gift option as mostly everybody loves watches or a statement accessories and this is sure to get people talking. This specific piece is made from sustainably sourced wood. It's lightweight and sophisticated, without the need for stains or dyes. 

I love the idea of personalised prints so it only makes sense these should be shared at weddings as a gifting option. Photo Prints are ideal for framing in the bedroom or romantic area within your house if going by Feng-Shui terms. This will entwine both parties together and represent a strong relationship. It's a sophisticated way to create something memorable, yet special with names and dates of both receivers prints onto each print, depending on how many you buy. I like the idea of a wooden frame to hold the print(s) in to represent Autumn (since it's an autumn themed wedding) and woods also symbolic for representing strength.

If you're having or attending an Autumn wedding, then it only feels right to have Autumn themed gifts to hand over to the receiver on their special day, whether it be Bridesmaid gifts Anniversary gifts or Groomsmen gifts; or if it's your own wedding these gifts will also come in very useful as special reminders of your big day. I can fondly remember creating a special photo album for my partners mum and step dad after their big day held in Greece (a stunning summer wedding) held on Rhodes Island. It was an incredible time had by all with a lovely evening after party and dinner by the ocean. I and Kyle wanted to create something extra special for them to keep for the rest of their lives with every moment captured on the big day and even the tiniest of details from the dresses and attendees, it was something we knew they'd love.

What would your most treasured wedding gift be? If you're unsure, what would you buy someone on their special day?

xo, Jenny

This article has been sponsored by Uncommongoods. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Lots of great inspirations in your post. I like your picks, especially the wooden watch. I have two wooden watches myself.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  2. Shannon V says:

    So much great inspiration for autumn weddings! I can imagine all the darker & warmer tones that could be featured. Uncommon goods sounds great! It’s so hard to find unique gifts these days.

    TFM Life & Style blog

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