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These stunning Newbridge Silverware jewellery pieces have been popping up on my blog a lot recently and just by looking at these pieces you can totally see as to why I'm smitten with these specific pieces as of late. Beautiful, 14k gold plated pendants, presented in the most luxurious of packaging. The attention to detail is mesmerising and this is exactly what I like to see from luxurious jewellery brands when they add extra care to the overall presentation of the jewellery and focus on the packaging and end results.


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First up we have these chic 14K Gold star stud earrings, nestled into one of the cutest boxes I've seen, finished off with a large bow and presented beautifully enough to give as a gift to someone special. These earrings are beautiful and I haven't stopped wearing them since the day I received them and just adore how pretty they look with the dainty detailing to them and how well they go with my other jewellery pieces. Being pale skinned, I'd imagine silver would be my go to jewellery colour, however, I much prefer gold and rose gold tones against my skin and hair. I feel gold metals warm my complexion up and just give a much nicer finish compared to silver jewellery. 

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The next piece we have from the collection is an equally as stunning Newbridge Silverware Wishbone Pendant in a 14K Gold finish with anti-tarnish layering just like the star stud earrings. This piece has to be one of my favourites and the reason behind this particular design is the fact it resembles good luck. I think everyone could do with a added some of luck in their lives, and this is why I opted for this particular design to wear when I'm needing a boost of luck to come my way.  The design is dainty but stands out beautifully against my outfits which you can have a peek at here, in my latest style post.

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The last piece we have is the Newbridge Silverware Key Pendant  A dainty piece in its own right with plated 14K gold and anti-tarnish finish. This specific piece also has sentimental value to me after just moving house and wanting something to mark the occasion. This piece really stands out to me and for that reason, I love wearing it for the evening with Bardot tops and dresses to really show off this piece. It's beautiful and the simplicity of the design just adds to its beauty. 


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These Newbridge Silverware Star Stud Earrings come with a nifty protective anti-tarnish layer to keep your earrings lasting longer and not sub coming to damage or normal wear and tear. As you can imagine these will last a very long time with that in mind and it also makes for a great sentimental gift if you're wanting something special that will last for years to come. The presentation box is the perfect miniature size to store your earring away in at the end of the day or if you decided to switch things up for awhile, but in all honesty, I keep these in most of the time as they're perfect for keeping in with the small, flat surfaced design.

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Around the time of receiving these beautiful pieces I was actually going through a difficult time with moving house but to my surprise, the place we moved into was a dream come true. It was everything I could have imagined, and this is why I also opted for the wishbone pendant as in a sense I felt really lucky to end up in the position I was in and for everything else that followed shortly after. Previous to this, I had a difficult year and now feel free to get back to what I enjoy doing and finally find a place of balance again. I think that's one of the main reasons why I find these pieces particularly eye-catching as they have meaning behind them for the wearer and you can make it a deeper, more sentimental part of your jewellery collection

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At such a low price point these pieces are sure to satisfy any budget and work in beautifully with pieces you may already own. The designs are very minimal and dainty that they look equally as stunning paired with minimal pieces or more stand out pieces for day or evening. I'm all for "statement" pieces such as necklaces and pendants, however, as of late I've really enjoyed the simplicity of more laid back pieces; especially for the summer months. These pieces don't dominate your outfit but enhance it, and that's what I love most about them....


What're your thoughts on these dainty jewellery pieces from Newbridge Silverware?


xo, Jenny


P.S Watch my June Favourites to see these pieces in action:




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  1. dainty jewellery has been all i want to wear. the earrings are so beautiful.


  2. These are gorgeous! I especially love the wishbone necklace 🙂 xxx


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