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Growing older has been a blessing in regards to fashion and my personal style journey as I've stepped back over this past month or so to really contemplate my style journey. I want to match my style to my personality and with having such a busy time this past month my mind was not in the right place to do so, with a million other things to comprehend too. I feel in a good place now, that I'm free to express my inner sass and introduce my new septum piercing which was a complete whim. I never even planned the idea of having a septum piercing, it just kind of happened....


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Harlow this, Harlow That.....


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If you read my last post (over 30 day's ago now) you will know we just recently moved house to a new town/environment and I never realised how stressful it would actually be! Even with being organised and having everything planned out to make it as smooth as possible! It completely floored me and I just wasn't as inspired as I was to create content but my god I've missed it!... I guess you could say I've been on a journey or two and want my style to reflect this process as I grow and learn and adapt to my new environment. I wouldn't say I've had a particular SET style that's stayed the same. I'm forever changing it up and trying new things and I think that's why I fell in love with this outfit with the distressed detailing - matched with the chic lace finish of the Boohoo Harlow Midi Skater Dress. 

J Brand do some pretty amazing pieces and after snatching up a pair of khaki green combat jeans from the brand, I had to get my hands on this piece! Not because of its a pretty pastel pink colour for spring but more so because it features lots of distressed detailing to the shoulders, hem, back and cuffs. It's one of those pieces that you know will last forever and in a way, it's slightly sentimental as part of my journey and something I will cherish for years to come. I figured it would look super pretty for spring and summer teamed with darker tones pieces to really let the pastel pink hue pop and all the detailing that's been perfectly placed.



I could go on to say that this J Brand piece is vintage from the way it looks with the perfectly placed distressing but it's not! I think it does give off that authentic vibe however and you wouldn't really know otherwise. It's delicate, timeless and most importantly versatile. I actually went two sizes up with this for a more oversized look to layer up with other pieces such as this pretty Boohoo Harlow lace midi skater dress, for the summer months to give a more casual vibe to the outfit. The J Brand Harlow denim jacket is definitely a personal piece of mine with its unique detailing and the fact not much of this style has been put into circulation so it's a pretty rare piece if you manage to get your hands on your perfect size (you can always size up or down with this piece).  The Boohoo lace dress adds a nice flirtatious twist to this whole outfit for casual wear teamed with minimal black sandals from SENSO and large 9ct gold earrings. Glasses Direct always do amazing frames if your looking for something quirky and these Scout Maverick frames are my new favourites with the matte gunmetal finish and large bridge frame. They look different to anything I currently have in my collection and just add extra sass to my casual outfits for the day....



Dress: Boohoo c/o  /  Shoes: SENSO   /  Jacket:  J Brand  / Hoop Earrings: similar / Glasses: Scout for Glasses Direct c/o

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What're your thoughts on this outfit? Do you own a favourite vintage piece?


xo, Jenny



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4 responses to “Harlow This Harlow That”

  1. Izabela Nair says:

    I think our style changes as we grow older. I used to be a total tomboy. Now I can’t imagine my wardrobe without pretty dresses and heels.

    I love tis Boohoo. It looks amazing on you.

    Her Hive

  2. Georgia Owen says:

    Absolutely love this outfit! It’s so pretty and feminine, but you make it look so cool and edgy!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  3. I am loving this outfit! Esp the dress and them shoes!!


  4. Gorgeous outfit! That dress is so beautiful 🙂


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