Starting Over Again in New Accommodation


As you might have guessed from the title I've been pretty busy this past couple of weeks trying to secure a new apartment that's got all the features I've been lusting after for a long time that's suitable to our budget and I think I've found the one.... I actually mentioned this briefly on my Instagram here and can finally announce that we've secured the perfect place (for now). 




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Starting Over Again.....

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I remember very clearly telling myself "it's the last time" but this always falls on deaf ears. Like most things in my life, I like to upgrade and keep moving with the times and the things that interest me and keep my creativity going. My current vision is a more minimalist environment, this including a much more spacious environment compared to what we currently have at the minute. This is what's mainly inspired the move and frankly, it can't come sooner! We're picking the keys up on Thursday so not long now and I can't even tell you how excited I am for a fresh start and to start over again. I've moved around ALOT to various locations, but I'm always looking for bigger and better for my money. This current place we've managed to secure might just be the final move for years as it's everything I've envisioned and it has a lot of potentials which I'm excited to get creative with over time.

This has to be a dream come true in the area we've been looking at after frequent searching to come across a newly refurbished property with the most picturesque white kitchen and large open space rooms washed with light seeping through the large windows. I love the light, okay! It's something I crave in a property as it really helps to open up space and just gives a breath of fresh air to rooms as it floods them and makes them appear much larger and spacious. This space as me written all over it and represents my personal taste for decor and interiors. I would have changed one thing about the property and made the bedroom/office walls a cooler-toned shade instead of warm against the grey carpets. I can really see this new place influencing me more and opening up a whole new environment for me to explore (since it's out of town away from family and friends). Lucky enough travel shouldn't be so bad since passing my test a couple of months back to get back and forth to work and visits.


We've just started packing today and gradually moving everything over at our own pace since we're technically paying rent for both apartments until the end of our current contract agreement. A part of me dislikes our current place as you just feel really boxed in if that makes sense? I'm used to having space and light flooding in the rooms and this place just doesn't satisfy my needs. We were really rushed when it came to securing our current place with our good friend passing away just before the new year and having to find somewhere else to live so quickly. Now that I have time to search properties I feel more in control of my vision and dream home that it's not rushed and at our own pace, so technically we're not rushing into things last minute. There's nothing worse than going back to live with the parents after such a long time away from home right?, Basically the moral of this story is to take your time when searching for your dream apartment/home and the spring/summer season is the best time to do so... Follow your heart, live your dreams and let them reflect you in all areas. 


My outfit is very much inspired by this new adventure and sticking to minimal pieces I've created something that just pops with the rich navy tones and bold chunky frame sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent. Here and there were still having huge gusts of cold wind (even snow storms yesterday) so it still feels like winter here. I'm so ready for spring and for the weather to warm up a little but still wrapping up until this time comes.....




Bag: Koko Couture c/o  /  Jeans: Reiss /  Shoes: Adidas  /  Jumper: New Look  (similar) /  Jacket:  Puma x Rihanna  / Lipstick: Huda Beauty in Flirt 

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Are you planning on moving house over the summer? What's your decor goals?


xo, Jenny


5 responses to “Starting Over Again in New Accommodation”

  1. Winfred says:

    Loving them pants
    You’re Killing the game gurl !!!

    instagram/ Snapchat : @itsjustwinnie1

  2. Aditi Oberoi Malhotra says:

    I love that jacket!! Love this look, babe!
    Adi xx

  3. TheStyleRawr says:

    That jacket is so cool!! It sounds as if you know what you want, I hope you really love your new apartment. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more and upgrading! Can’t wait to see the decor!

    T x

  4. Love this outfit, especially the sunglasses and trainers! And how exciting to be starting somewhere new and somewhere that fits your wishlist!


  5. Ramida Dusdeevutikul says:

    Great outfit!


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