Refresh Your Home this Spring with Candles

Candles always make for the perfect season refresh to brighten up your home and make it more welcoming. Spring is the season I find most exciting for clearing out and just refreshing my life and personal space. My home has to coordinate with the seasons and with that being said, this weekend I've packed away all my winter scents that bring a nice warmth to the atmosphere with their spicy, uplifting aroma for more refreshing, light scents. 


Isle of Skye Candles

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Refresh your home this Spring, with light delicate scents!!...

When it comes to candles I can be pretty picking when it comes down to ingredients and the whole creation process; however, with the candles featured in today's post, I don't need to worry about that with their natural ingredients and budget friendly price. When it comes to investing in good quality candles you're guaranteed to get an even burn and are renowned for their longevity. The burning time of natural candles is much longer than your traditional supermarket candles and smells so much better with the natural oils. 


ISLE OF SKYE CANDLES - Ginger and Nutmeg Large Tumbler Candle*

This is a brand I recently came across after they reached out to me to feature a candle of choice and I couldn't be more thrilled with the scent I picked for the spring season as it's very light and delicate. This actually took me by surprise as I imagined it to be very warm and cosy with the spicy ginger and nutmeg combination but I was completely taken aback when I started burning the candle to be left with a really delicate, uplifting scent that had beautiful floral undertones. This is a perfect candle for spring for that reason and it's my favourite scent to burn during the day after cleaning to freshen up the home with the windows wide open to waft the scent through the house and let it linger for hours. It truly is beautiful and even better I noticed the other day that my grans also a fan of this brand after seeing her collection of candles! It's certainly made me want to try more from the range and build up a collection of my own. Being a Scottish based brand, Isle of Skye Candles has definitely exceeded expectations with their minimal, sleek packaging and beautiful range of scents at an even affordable price! I think I've finally found my Yankee Candle replacement for a much more natural brand which uses natural soya wax that is handmade from start to finish; I mean what's not to love, right??

Alougth it might seem like your paying out a lot for candles up front when investing in your higher price range! You're actually saving money by doing it this way because of how well they burn and last compared to cheaper versions. This in return leaves your home smelling nicer for longer but actually saves on money long-term by not needing to replace your candles every so often. The cooler temperature of soy candles helps to boost this burning longevity and definitely gives you value for money. 


CHELSEA CANDLE - Green Tea and Lemon

This was actually a candle I received in the #Hashtaggirlcrush monthly subscription box, which is a new monthly box packed full of luxury goods! You pay only £20 per month for over £150+ worth of products from Girl Bosses to help support them and local charities with 10% of each sale going to a cause of your choice. You can see my favourite items from the March box here; I will also pop my unboxing video below if you fancy a watch. This scent is so uplifting!! I can remember as soon as I unpacked it from the box I had to burn it right away as it just smelt so good!. It's packed full of natural oils such as uplifting mandarin, orange rind, lemon and green tea. It's beautifully delicate with bursts of uplifting fruity notes; it's perfect for burning in the evenings or during the day. It has base notes of musk, amber and precious woods which give it a really rich depth and it burns really well! These large sized votives are supposed to burn for over 50hours+ and I've barely made a dent in mine! 


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What're your thoughts on these candles? Do you have a favourite candle for Spring?


xo, Jenny


Some of these items have been sent to me for review and will be appropriately marked. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

2 responses to “Refresh Your Home this Spring with Candles”

  1. Yiotou_La says:

    I love candles and my favourite scent for now is vanilla and orange, I recently purchased two from Ikea and they are sooo good 🙂


  2. Nina says:

    I love candles for any season, and especially for spring. THis one must smell heavenly.

    Nina’s Style Blog

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