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Ever looked in your wardrobe to find droves of garments with price tags still attached, or even still unworn pieces that have just been left hanging on the rack? Well, your not the only one. This was a HUGE problem for me a good couple of months back before coming conscious of my spending and most importantly my obsession with clothes; this, however, has quickly faded into something more meaningful. I've ditched buying on impulse and instead of working towards a capsule wardrobe that takes more time, precision and thought into each piece, alongside the added expenditure. Re-working garments don't always have to involve buying into a whole new wardrobe, but merely clearing out what you no longer use or wear and re-using these garments by wearing them as they are or going slightly DIY. I've cropped many pieces myself and even re-worked jeans by placing in my own distressing and taking the inner legs up for a more tailored fit. All of these quick DIY fixes can re-work old and new garments instantly, even the ones with the price tags still attached.

This outfit combination has been the reflection of my current mood and more laid back vibe. The ripped aspect of this cropped jumper is a unique point and something I can't seem to throw away! It's a fundamental part of the garment and a memory at that. I say memory because it's actually a large hole where Olly, my dog (then a puppy) ripped into the jumper when playing and chewed the sleeves and back. Surprisingly the whole ripped look works for this piece and I've never seen the need to replace it and instead I wear it with more sophisticated/tailored pieces to add to the grungy look.

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I don't know about you but I absolutely love re-using old garments and styling them up my way or even damaged pieces! I've even deliberately damaged various pieces of clothing myself, just to get that WORN in look; such as jeans, jumpers and t-shirts. It's crazy to think that one day your much-loved garment, whether it be a coat, skirt or jeans gets destroyed and it becomes no longer attractive or wearable but if looked at in a different perspective it could actually be the star of your outfit and work amazingly with more newer pieces to add interest to your casual attire. 

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By now, you might already be on your way to a whole new perspective when it comes to old pieces you no longer wear or favourite pieces (like my navy Mango cropped jumper above) that you don't want to get rid of just yet but still want it to be fashionable. If you've decided to skip the charity shop, eBay or other methods to get rid of unwanted clothing then get them professionally altered, for a more tailored look or you could always do it at home yourself. I don't feel ashamed to wear old, ragged pieces, especially garments I've had for years or put a substantial amount of money into! I think old pieces can be just as fashionable as new pieces and does much better for the environment when it comes to reducing waste and being more ethical with our clothing for the environment and our pockets.

 Another great tip I have for bringing older garments to life is by styling them up with similar pieces/accessories. For example, this outfit has a grungy appeal to it with the chunky knit jumper and chunky bristol bucket bag from Marc.B with chain detailing and faux leather finish. It really toughens the outfit up and gives a really laid back edge alongside the slim fitted skirt from Warehouse and sock boots. Everything works perfectly and in-balance that you could even get away with this look as part of your evening attire if you're wanting to replicate something similar.  

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Bag: Marc B*  / Jumper: Mango (Old Piece)  /  Shoes: EGO Official  /  Skirt: Warehouse / Lipstick: Lime Crime - Pumpkin

rework your wardrobe for spring


Do you have any tips for reworking your wardrobe this season?


xo, Jenny




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  1. TheStyleRawr says:

    Gorgeous Jenny, I love that crop! I’ve definitely started to consider making more ethical shopping choices. I like the idea of buying second hand or used garments instead of wasting money on fast fashion. Reworking existing pieces is an even better idea, or swapping clothes with friends. 🙂

    T x

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