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I'm one of the unlucky bunch that's had to suffer years with the downfalls of acne. This has been such a huge burden through my teenage years and now going into my adultescent years. It's something that's defined me over the years and I've come to embrace the flaws, but with this, it's also brought years of anxiety and self-doubt. Today, I want to share with you, my top acne busting products that I've been trialling myself over the year(s)/month(s). I've got a good mixture of budget and more high-end options to suit all and these products really DO work...


  If you're anything like me you will be looking for a quick fix, but this isn't always the case!...


Quick fixes, however, are very hard to find when it comes to acne and trust me when I say I know... I've spent years trying to find quick fix products but still to this day I haven't found that product; apart from the ones I'm about to show you. 


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Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip

This cleanser is perfect for oily prone skin to leave skin refreshed, mattified and tightened. I wouldn't say this cleanser is best suited for sensitive skin types as it can be really drying even on my oily skin and you can really feel it tightening the skin once applied and washed off. It leaves a really nice feeling to the skin like it's tightening pores and really cleaned them out. The Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser is a must have of mine and something I use every other day so it doesn't over work my skin and make my acne worse by over drying the PH balance. This is also a great cleanser for the mornings before applying makeup as the tightening properties make for the perfect makeup canvas whilst keeping skin matte. 


Merumaya Spot Treatment

This is brilliant for popping into your handbag just like the Nip & Fab gel but it's much smaller/discrete in size. The Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment has active ingredients to fight excess sebum, spots and bacteria that causes acne and redness around these sensitive areas. This formula has a much more gentle approach when it comes to combating acne with a hydrating solution that doesn't dry out the skin (perfect for sensitive skin types). I've been using this alongside the Nip and Fab treatment and find both works just as well for treating blemishes on the go, especially ones that just pop up out of no wear. This is a powerful solution whilst being gentle on the skin and perfect for hormonal out breaks which I get myself every month. 

Oil Control Lotion

The Dermalogica range is brilliant for treating acne prone skin as the products are designed to target and treat the main causes of acne and work to prevent it coming back. I've included two of my favourite products from the range and find these the best for treating acne. This brand is high-end and expensive but it's brilliant for treating blemishes and fading scarring and does last longer than a month. I use the Dermalogica Medibac Oil Control Lotion daily as my main moisturiser for the time being until my skin is cleared up and find it great for reducing redness and excess sebum. This is brilliant if you're looking for a strong treatment to fight acne and stubborn blemishes! It works almost straight away which is great, given the high price tag! 


Nip & Fab

This handy little spot buster is perfect for slipping in my handbag on the go and works really well under makeup as well as over once it's applied. I'm really enjoying the cooling effects of this product and the nifty roller ball design to give quick and easy application. The Nip and Fab Teen Skin Fix Spot Zap treatment are packed with beneficial spot busting ingredients such as tea tree, and eucalyptus that helps reduce inflammation and treat bacteria. Just like most of the products featured on here this treatment also contains salicylic acid to unclog pores and prevent future breakouts. 

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Dermalex Acne Treatment

Now out of all of these products, this has to be the BEST, as it's cheaper than Dermalogica but still pricey for the tube but it works after the first application. I've noticed HUGE results with this and keep on buying it as my skin's cleared up so much since starting on this cream two months ago. I've stocked up on tubes of this to keep me going but in all honesty, since using this my skin's never looked better! If you are just starting out and suffer from bad acne then I highly recommend you give this a go first before splurging on more higher end products. The Dermalex Acne Treatment works to reduce swelling, redness and acne spots without drying out the skin or causing discomfort such as dryness or tightness in the skin. It's gentle and hydrating and easy to use night or day! It's fast absorbing and non-greasy. 


Overnight Treatment

This is my favourite product from the Medibac range as it works overnight making it more convenient as it's much stronger in potency and by morning I notice such a huge difference in my skin. It helps to mattify, clear skin congestion and reduces redness while you sleep. What's not to love? This is a MUST have treatment if you suffer from BAD acne and want something fast acting to treat the root of the cause and prevent it coming back. The Dermalogica Medibac Overnight Treatment is designed to work instantly by drying up concerned areas and leave the skin looking fresher, clearer and mattified by morning. It's a serious contender alongside the Dermablend lotion with a huge difference in the price tag! I use both but if you're strapped for money then picking between these two lotions is your best bet for QUICK results when it comes to fighting acne. 


Ole Henrickson

This Ole Henrickson Grease Relief Toner is brilliant for refreshing the skin in the evenings before bed and one of my favourites as it helps clear my skin up so much alongside the other products featured. Having tried other toners in the past packed with spot busting properties, I have to say this is one of my favourites as it works straight away and is no way a gimmick. I've noticed huge benefits from this and always find its sold out when I go to re-stock! The ingredients are natural and it mattifies my skin ready for makeup application. I also noticed that they've changed the spray nossle on the latest deign of the toner packaging which is a huge plus as it will make it much easier to spritz on the go without the need for cotton wool pads. 


Glam Glow Youthmud

One of my favourite mask brands and something I use on a weekly basis. I'm forever rotating between the different GLAMGLOW masks but this is one I always have to hand to treat stubborn blemishes that just pop up out of no wear! I do find it great for diminishing redness and scarring over time and you start to notice results after the second use. The first use of GLAMGLOW Youthmud really is astonishing, as it instantly dries up blemishes and makes them much smaller whilst tightening pores (you can actually see it working as the mask dries).

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Do you have any tips for treating Acne/Blemishes?


xo, Jenny



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  1. Terri says:

    These products look fab – that glam glow looks amazing!

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  2. Such a useful information and nice products!




  3. TheStyleRawr says:

    Oh gosh, I need that Nip + Fab spot blaster!! I’m 31 and I still suffer from spots but strangely it’s only really started since I hit 29! I’ll definitely look into these products though, thank you for the suggestions. 🙂

    T x

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