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 Transform Dull, Problematic Skin with Chemical Exfoliants...


Have you longed for clear, glowing skin? This has been an ambition of mine for some time now and something I've strived to reach but could never find the right products that agree with my skin. Luckily enough I can now achieve just that and more with the Bravura London skin care range with a variety of acids to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, to leave you fresh faced and glowing; ready to face another day. What really stands out to me with this whole regime is the fact it's priceless! It works absolute wonders and adding to that the range is budget-friendly and available to everyone to try and all I can say is GO GO GO... You certainly won't be disappointed with the instant results these products give!!


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Bravura London totally exceeded my expectations when it comes to my skincare regime. Eager enough to try out these products I started with the routine on the first day and haven't looked back since. The kit includes a large bottled toner containing Ginseng and then you have two smaller glass bottles containing Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid (more details on each down the page). The first thing I noticed about these products was the thickly frosted glass bottle that looked really luxurious and definitely sets the bar high when it comes to storing products in the neatest possible way that stands out on my glass vanity. The glass bottles are the best way of preserving the ingredients inside and the fact each bottle is transparent makes it super easy to use and apply. 

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Benefits of Glycolic Acid 

Glycolic Acid is renowned for improving the appearance of the skin, not just from the top layers but also from beneath as it works to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. This has to be one of the most effective treatments for combating deep tissue scarrings such as acne, fine lines and dullness. Don't get me wrong I've used products containing small amounts of Glycolic Acid before ranging from your more luxury price range and in all honesty, I've noticed more results with the Bravura London Glycolic Acid* compared to others I've used within a certain product. The Bravura acids come appropriately packaged for one thing with the solution being contained inside a thick glass bottle and a pipette to measure out the liquid effortlessly before application. Glycolic Acid can be found in many high-end products with an even higher price tag and I will be sticking to Bravura London from now on for its budget-friendly price tag and instant results. One product that really stands out to me is the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner, which contains 5% Glycolic Acid compared to Bravuras 10% formula, which is much stronger but much more cost effective. I love the Glow Tonic as it's light and gentle to use twice a day but with that being said the results aren't noticeable and definitely not instant. Bravuras formula, on the other hand, leaves instant results after the first use and you can notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin, as the solution is a much higher percentage and packaged appropriately when dealing with strong acids such as these.  


Dissolving Dead Skin Cells 

Moving onto how Glycolic Acid affects the appearance of your skin and how well it works. Firstly the main goal of Glycolic Acid is to work as a deep exfoliation treatment by eating away at the glue between cells. This gives quick results to leave your skin much smoother, healthier and glowing in appearance. It reacts with the top layer of the skin by breaking it down and dissolving sebum (great for oily skin) and other substances that hold the skin together. The release of dead skin cells leaves the skin looking much clearer and clears up blocked pores and blackheads. This is a very effective acne treatment and I for one can totally vouch for that having had deep tissue scarring from acne and blemishes that would keep creeping up every now and again, but luckily enough this is no more with my trusty Glycolic Acid solution to hand. You don't have to use Glycolic Acid just to treat problematic skin but it works just as well for mature skin types with its effectiveness for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It prevents the ageing process by renewing skin cells for a more plumped, healthier complexion. 


My Experience with Glycolic Acid

I touched this briefly in the last paragraph but my god... I can't even explain how much this has changed my skin for the better! It has to be one of my most used solutions from the Bravura range alongside the Ginseng toner to hydrate and plump my skin. As mentioned before I've used similar products containing small amounts of Glycolic Acid with a much higher price tag that never delivered the results I received with this little bottle of wonders. It really is a life changer for my problematic skin having undergone laser treatment for months on my skin and trying different methods of medication, from pills to solutions prescribed by the doctor to then come across this brand a year down the line after wasting so much money on such expensive treatments, just to have "normal" skin. I can't thank Bravura enough for this and my skin is starting to heal nicely with fewer blemishes appearing and my scarring disappearing. It really is one of those moments where you have to pinch yourself at how fast acting the products have worked when you think about other methods you've tried that take months without instant results. I use a small amount of the Glycolic Acid in the evenings 3-4 times a week for the best results using the little application brush I received with the kit and leave this on for 5 minutes to the rinse off with lukewarm water. After rinsing off my skin feels baby soft and just looks completely different and so much healthier. I'm excited to keep up with the regime and re-stock on this acid as part of my skincare regime as quite honestly I can't live without this now....

Ginseng Pre Peel Toner

This toner is used right before applying any of the acid peels to prep the skin by lowering the PH of your skin. You have to wait for up to 30 minutes after cleansing your skin before using any form of acids as you will end up not benefiting from the full treatment if not done correctly! This is where the Pre Peel Ginseng Toner* comes in useful so you can start applying the acids straight away. I apply a small amount of this product to a cotton pad as pictured above and gently sweep it across my skin before using the acids. Another great benefit of this toner is the fact it's brilliant for using in the mornings to awaken and rejuvenate the skin with the added bonus of Ginseng. The solution has an amazing aroma that smells really relaxing and the bottle is just as gorgeous with the thick frosted glass finish and pretty lid, it's almost like having your own at-home spa experience

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The Benefits of Lactic Acid

This is something I actually haven't used or come across before when searching for the next best thing in skin care suited to my budget and this has really surprised me. Lactic Acid* is a much milder peel compared to the Glycolic Acid and the results aren't as instant as it's more gentle on the skin, so would work much better for those that have more sensitive skin and can't use harsh/vigorous treatments. This peel is infused with rose water to hydrate dry, dull skin. It's also brilliant for acne prone skin if your skins not like mine and might end up breaking out even more because Glycolic Acid is too vigorous and you want something more mild to gently bring in results instead of instantly. In my opinion you really have to work with both if you have skin problems like me to find what works best for you as the Glycolic acid might appear too strong at first if your skin's not used to chemical peels, or if it is, on the other hand, the Lactic Acid might be somewhat weak and not giving instant results. 


Lactic Acid is actually derived from sour milk compared to Glycolic Acid which is deprived of cane sugar. Lactic Acid is much milder compared to its counterparts but allows the skin to retain moisture which is perfect for dryer skin types. 



What's your opinion on these acids? Have you used at home chemical peels before?


xo, Jenny


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16 responses to “Transform Your Skin with Chemical Peels”

  1. Regina says:

    I’e never tried chemical peels before but now I’m intrigued! 🙂 These sound lovely.


  2. Terri says:

    This looks amazing, would need to give it a go!

    Much love,


  3. Great post! I always forget about the benefits and tips about glycolic acid and lactic acid, so this reminder really did help. Glad to hear that these products work too and for a much more cost effective price! Thanks for sharing – love your new theme!


  4. Beth T says:

    I’d heard of chemical peels before but I hadn’t read much about them so I found this post really interesting! I’m happy with Pixi’s Glow Tonic at the moment but it’s good to know there are options if I ever wanted to try something stronger 🙂 xx


    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Beth and the Pixi Glow Tonic is great for making my skin dewy and glowing but it hasn’t work so much to help my acne compared to these acids as they’re much stronger xx

  5. Kritsida says:

    I loving your blog! I just got the same theme and I ran into your blog. Love what you did with it!

  6. chemical exfoliators are just the one. i use a clarins one and it works amazingly but only if i use it only once a month as it breaks me out if i use it more.


    • Jenny says:

      I think I have a sample of this somewhere and really enjoy it!! I have other Clarins samples such as the moisturisers and it’s really helped my combination skin and balance things out more by giving a nice matte finish x

  7. Bernadette says:

    I loved reading this post! All three of these products sound absolutely amazing and exactly what my skin needs. I definitely have to check them out!


    • Jenny says:

      Thanks B and I highly recommend you do! You can choose between the milder peel (Lactic Acid) or Glycolic Acid if you suffer from acne scarring and your skin isn’t sensitive! You will notice huge results x

  8. April Bishop says:

    This is a great, informative review. It looks really intriguing and I might have to try it out for myself as I have some acne scarring I’d really like to get rid of but nothing else seems to work.


    • Jenny says:

      Thanks so much April, really happy you enjoyed the post and I tried to make it as informative as possible as it can be confusing when it comes to different types of home peels. I’ve suffered with acne scarring for years and after the first use of the Glycolic Acid peel my skin looked so much better! I’ve continued using it and noticing such a huge improvement in my skin! I highly recommend you give one of these a shot as the price is brilliant for the results you get! x

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