Bringing in The New Year Together

Welcome to the start of 2017 and a whole new re-design for Krystel Couture. This has been a lengthy redesign process (five day’s max) to give to you a new and improved experience when visiting my site and I’m excited to reveal more content for 2017 and really make it a year to remember.


I’ve always aspired to improve on my content and imagery but this was something totally out of the blue that just sprung to mind and it’s something I couldn’t be more thrilled about with the overall outcome. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a difficult couple of months with the passing of a dear friend, a very knowledgeable man that was inspiring in so many ways that it really made me think about life and my future goals. The passing was such a shock to myself and others but I’m happy he’s now at peace and it’s brought a fresh start to every aspect of my life. We’ve moved house this past month and just starting to get settled in with lots of boxes still to be unpacked, however with that being said I’ve still managed to fit in some time to re-design my whole site and work full time in the process.

MATURITY /Coming of Age.

I guess you could say I’ve now reached the point where I want my blog to become a serious part of my future as I’ve been gradually building it up over the past three years and want to keep this motivation to keep bringing fresh, new content for years to come. It was about time to have a whole new re-design to fit in with my life and how much I’ve matured over the past year or so, to bring a more relatable feel. My style has matured significantly and I always love to have my own twist on this with some sporty, relaxed pieces but still with a more minimal feel. My skincare routine and make-up have a good balance of minimalism for day’s I’m feeling lazier but for the day’s I’m feeling more energised I love a good bold matte lip and beautiful smokey eyes with a shimmer base to really make my eyes pop. Balance is key and this is my fresh start for 2017 to bring new content to you guys and a new beautifully designed site that’s got a more mature, grown-up feel compared to my older designs and content.

Here’s to New Beginnings.

I wanted to give something back to all my loyal readers that would help to inspire you every day with old and new content, something for my new, loyal and old readers to come back to weekly. I must admit I haven’t been the most committed to my blog during 2016 but I’m more driven than ever to change that for 2017 and put my full into each piece published on Krystel Couture. I’ve always been a huge lover of premium and high-street fashion mixed together and enjoy investing in those staple pieces that go with everything and that’s what I want to focus more on for the new year. Minimalism is my new goal for 2017 to scrap everything I no longer need in many aspects of my life from personal to material. I’m having a huge clear out and refreshing the areas I feel need improved on and creating a more clutter-free lifestyle. I’m excited to know what you think of the re-design and looking forward to putting in more time and effort to my blog/work and starting 2017 with a whole new attitude/perspective.

What’s your thoughts on the re-design and do you have goals for 2017?

xo, Jenny


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8 responses to “Bringing in The New Year Together”

  1. Lauren says:

    You look stunning that coat is to die for!

    Lauren x

  2. April Bishop says:

    Your blog looks amazing, and I love your style! Hope 2017 is a good year for you.


  3. PXLL couk says:

    Great post, happy new year!

    | http://www.pxll.co.uk |

  4. TheStyleRawr says:

    Happy New Year, Jenny! I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. 🙁

    Yay for new beginnings! I’ve always loved your content and they way you put an outfit together.

    T x

    • Jenny says:

      Happy New Year to you!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and over the moon you love and read my content as I haven’t had much time the past couple of months to update my blog the way I used too! The loss of my friend did impact this in a huge way but looking forward in 2017 to get back to focusing on my blog and improving things more! Wishing you all the best for 2017 Tara and excited to get catching up on your latest posts 🙂 xx

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