Effortless Winter Style



Baby, it's chilly outside...


Effortless Winter Style



Reiss Felton Coat, Aldo Fedora, Alexi Triangle Earrings, River Island Knit Jumper, Aspinal of London Grab Bag, Nike Air Force Flax Pack, Lavish Alice Satin Trousers.



If there is one thing about winter dressing, it's down to getting those basic pieces that can be easily layered for the colder months. The temperature has plummeted here as of late and even worse it's been miserable with a low lying fog. When it comes to winter style I'm always excited about getting out my thick, tailored coats and layering everything up for a cosy, minimal look.



New Found Love for Wishlists. 

I've been lusting after so much recently that I figured creating wishlists again would be the perfect idea to put my creative ensembles together as a flat lay to inspire me on how I want to pair everything together for the season. I was put off doing this kind of post for months but coming back with a fresh perspective after taking a break from blogging I'm beginning to see the full potential of these types of lists and how I can creatively put an outfit together. I'm hoping to produce more of these types of posts in the future and having fun re-styling them in person to give me some inspiration for my outfits for the new year.


Minimal Approach.

Everything in this set is something I've either lusted after for months or just recently bought to add to my minimal wardrobe to bring other pieces together nicely this season. My eyes are drawn to more tailored, sophisticated pieces for the winter months and that's what I've invested my money in to create my capsule collection and auction off all the pieces I no longer use/wear and have a more minimal approach to fashion when we move into the new year. Having just moved house it's given me a fresh perspective into possessions and how I want to limit everything down to more luxury, capsule pieces that will last years and be used regularly; compared to the pieces that just sit in my wardrobe unused that could be loved by someone else.

I'm hoping to go into more detail about my move in another post as a more personal viewpoint and how it's allowed me the freedom to step back and re-think my blog and boost my inspiration for a fresh beginning in 2017.


What's your favourite pieces for winter?


xo, Jenny

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  1. Isabelle Collins says:

    I actually adore that bag, it’s gorgeous!


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