Three Deborah Lippmann Shades for Autumn


When it comes to nail polishes I can be left feeling pretty jaded. It's not something that particular interests me until I came over the Deborah Lippmann Undressed Collection.



This collection is absolutely stunning with a variety of different shades to suit everyone and having tried all the colours from the range I've managed to whittle down my top three shades for Autumn. These are shades that work well with the season and compliment so many neutral pieces in my wardrobe such as classic black, beiges and rust browns/oranges. Deborah Lippmann has really pushed the boat out with this range and each shade is easy to apply with amazing coverage even from the first coat.


As mentioned above nail polishes have never really interested me for the past couple of years since becoming more conscious of harmful chemicals/ingredients placed into cosmetics. This is where Deborah Lippmann plays an important part in my nail polish routine as the formula isn't packed with nasty ingredients and harmful chemicals. I'm not saying it's natural in anyway shape or form but it's not a huge limit on a number of chemicals placed in other polishes on the market. When you open up these polishes it doesn't contain that overwhelming chemical smell that I've come across with other polishes in the past and it does make you more aware of what you're putting on your skin and what does potentially end up in your bloodstream.


The brushes inside the bottle contour to the nail perfectly with the curved shape and thick bristles, creating the perfect C-curve at the cuticle. The overall formula is thick but has great flow and I've only had to add a small amount of nail polish remover from time to time when the polish hasn't been in use for awhile. Nail polish remover helps to thin out the polish inside the bottle for a better application (a great tip I learned while studying beauty therapy a couple of years back & still put into practice). The pigmentation is excellent and gives a streak free finish, even on the first coat as mentioned previously. I always do two coats for best results but some people prefer three but I personally find this too thick.



Born This Way.

A peachy nude that works perfect for Autumn if you're looking for something on the brighter side of the neutral colour spectrum, thus taking you away from the brown tones.



 Skin Deep.

Perfect for all skin tones with its sable nude hue and looks natural on darker skin tones but statement on paler skin tones to add extra wow factor to your look.




Natural Woman.

Best Described as almond nude. A stunning toasted almond shade that's perfect for Autumn.


I just love how elegant these polishes are especially my top three shades for Autumn from the range as they really do make an impact on my outfit and make-up. You can't really go wrong with a good nude and these work in harmony with your lifestyle as it's not bold or vibrant. They definitely give a glam finish and look really chic, whilst working well through the seasons. I do find the darker polishes easier to apply compared to the lighter ones mentioned as the formula is slightly different but all in all these have to be the best polishes I've used and I'm excited to get more from the Deborah Lippmann range this winter.


What's your favourite shade?


xo, Jenny



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