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The Roger and Gallet Aura Mirabilis skincare range is a new launch that's taken the natural beauty world by storm with it's spectacular ingredients list to top any natural skincare brand I've tried of late alongside the luxurious packaging.




My Roger & Gallet Skincare Routine When Used As A Duo.

This is my first time trying anything from Roger and Gallet and I was really impressed with the results, even after a short period of using them as a duo. You have four products in total as part of the launch and each one works in harmony with the other when used together! I normally enjoy mixing my products up but figured I'd give it a shot and subconsciously I've been reaching for both the Cleansing Mask and Beauty Vinegar as part of my cleansing routine. The Cleansing Mask is perfect for using in the evenings to melt away my make-up and leave my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated alongside the Beauty Vinegar to keep moisture locked in. The mornings are no different but I do keep the Cleansing Mask on for a longer period of time to work into my skin as a deep treatment mask and then removing with luke warm water, I will apply the Beauty Vinegar with a cotton wool pad to refresh my skin for the day and it also works as the perfect base for my make-up.


Extra - Fine Cleansing Mask & Why You Need It As Part of Your Winter Cleansing Routine.

The Aura Mirabilis Cleansing Maskis packed full of beautiful, naturally deprived ingredients from 18 officinal plants and Helianthus flower oil. As you can imagine this is very luxurious and when you apply it to dry skin you can really feel the ingredients getting to work on sluggish skin to revive it back to healthier, glowing skin. When used as a quick cleanser it melts into the skin and removes eye make-up almost effortlessly. The Cleansing Mask is most certainly rich and packed full of skin benefiting oils that work to detoxify and boost radiance into the skin; which is my main goal as my skins starting to feel so much dryer now that the colder weather is kicking in. It's most definitely a mask you need to pick up for it's incredible double use and it's gorgeous texture that just melts into the skin. When you first dispense the product it's got a gel like texture but once warmed up in the hands and massaged into the skin it turns into a fine oil to capture all traces of make-up and melt them away. When left on for a longer period of time it has a chance to work into the deeper layers of the skin to leave your face fresh and revived.

Beauty Vinegar, The Perfect Blend for Dry, Sluggish Skin.

The light floral scent is perfect for uplifting my spirits in the morning and evenings with it's gentle ingredients to revive tired, sluggish skin. Packed with cleansing vinegar's made from flowers, fruits and spices is luxury at it's finest and these also help to slug away dead skin cells for brighter, healthier skin. My complexion looks so much healthier since using this and noticeably brighter in appearance. It helps to remove any leftover traces of make-up after using the Cleansing Mask in the evenings and smoothes the skin, whilst eliminating dead cells for a much brighter, healthier complexion. When used in the mornings I love to let it sit on my skin for some time before applying my make-up as it helps to tighten my pores and re-freshen my skin after sleeping to awaken my skin and give it the best start to the day. Leaving my skin ever so soft and I recently used the Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinegar* in my YouTube Autumn Make-up Tutorial before going in with my make-up as it works as the perfect make-up base and hydrates the skin beforehand. This is basically a botanical garden in a bottle with 100% natural essences and these wonderful ingredients really do make a huge difference to the skin and change it for the better.


Aura Mirabilis Face Care Ritual.

Aura Mirabilis was inspired by the natural remedy monks created over 300 years ago. At the heart of this secret recipe were the rarest medicinal plants, all selected for their natural healing properties from the Garden of Simples. This natural remedy was perfect for applying to the body to protect against plague, enhance beauty and treat burns; not only that but you could also drink this magic elixir to preserve health. This powerful remedy, renamed Eau de Cologne by Jean Marie Farina was used by the Royal Courts.


The 18 Distilled Officinal Plants Explained.

Sandalwood (Healing), Neroli (Regenerating), Lemon Zest (Astringent), Lavadin (Calming), Bitter Orange (Firming), Sweet Orange (Anti-Ageing), Citronella (Anti-Inflammatory), Damask Rose (Reduces Redness), Palmarosa (Helps to smooth out wrinkles), Green Mandarin (Hydrating), Lemongrass (Anti-oxidant), Thyme (Uplifting), Exotic Vervain (Emollient), Magnolia (Antiseptic), Rosemary (Rejuvenating), Bergamot (Brightens), Lavender (Healing properties, sunburn, cuts, scars), Geranium (Healing).


Each Aura Mirabilis product from the range is packed full of these 18 officinal plants to repair, smooth and brighten the skin. As you can imagine this has been a life saviour for me as it's the perfect duo for healing my acne scarring and diminishing redness with the gentle ingredients.


Have you tried the new Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis collection yet?


xo, Jenny


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6 responses to “Roger and Gallet Aura Mirabilis Skincare”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Both of these skincare items sound incredible, especially that beauty vinegar. It sounds just what my skin needs.


  2. These look really good, I’m not familiar with the products but now I want to give them a go.


  3. laura anne says:

    The cleansing mask sounds really good.. I need something to help my sluggish skin xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  4. Yiotou_La says:

    The cleansing mask sounds like a dream, I love how effective it is and how effortlessly it removes makeup! I haven’t heard of this brand before, I love to try new products from brands I havent tried!! x


  5. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds fantastic! I love anything natural and their products are definitely up my alley. The packaging is classy as well. I absolutely love your pictures in this post hun!
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Jayd Alice says:

    I’ve never tried anything from Roger and Gallet but these sound fab and I adore the packaging! x


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