Gluten Free Fitness Snacks You Need to Try

Winter is the time I switch up my snacking game for more heavier flavours and textures to beat the chill and keep me going in-between meals.





ProWater - High Protein Content and Gluten Free.

Next up we have a drink I've been trying out for the past couple of weeks as part of my workout regime and my partners been absolutely loving these and mostly for the fact they contain 20g of Protein. My fitness regime isn't as intense as my partners as he works out for an average of two hours per day religiously, whereas I have a more relaxed approach and try and get an hour in the gym two to three times per week. My partner always has protein shakes each day in the morning and evening and this water works in-between to keep up energy levels and give a high protein boost if you're looking to bulk during the winter. Kyle's always upping his protein uptake during the bulking period and needs to eat a certain amount of calories per day to meet his target, however during the summer months, he starts his cut but still needs to have a high protein intake but fewer calories. These drinks are perfect for getting a high protein intake but with reduced calories and even better if you're like me and don't like the taste or texture of protein shakes but want something refreshing and natural to drink on the go. What's even better about these drinks is the fact they contain no sugar or fat and every ingredient is natural for peace of mind. Drinks are packed full of unnecessary ingredients these days that I always avoid them since becoming aware of what I'm consuming and just stick to natural alternatives now such as water, teas, smoothies and drinks similar to ProWater*.

Chika's Snack For Change - High Protein Natural Snacks.

Chika's is packed full of flavour and takes you back to exotic West Africa with each bite and it most certainly stands out when it comes to other Gluten free snacks I've tried (see more here) as it's much different in depth of flavour and the luxurious packaging each snack comes in.  The peanuts are hand toasted and you can taste the high standard of each ingredient put into these little snack packs and the love, care and attention to detail that goes into each individual pack. What stands out the most for me with this brand is the different nuts used and how these are GMO-free and gluten-free compared to other brands on the market that use unnecessary ingredients to create flavour instead of more natural sources that create even better flavour and this is what Chika's* manages to capture beautifully. The peanuts, for example, are hand toasted over a wood fire after being left out to dry beneath the African sun, this giving in-depth flavour and added vitamins alongside a high protein content (perfect for when you're working out at the gym). If your interest about these snacks then I highly recommend the Snack For Change subscription box which is very similar to the Graze boxes with lots of healthy alternatives to snack on during the day. Each box comes packed with a variety of portion sized bags and even better every subscription made sponsors a child attending school in Africa.

Protein Bars You Need in Your Gym Bag.

Lastly, we have a huge selection of convenient protein bars to pop in your gym bag/handbag to eat on the go. These are my favourite bars with almost all being gluten free and packed full of natural ingredients. These are the perfect way for cutting out sugary treats and being more healthy if you have an active lifestyle and want to keep your protein intake up. You've most likely heard me talking about some of these bars before in my last gluten-free post (here) if you want to know more about the brands I love and eat daily. Nature Valley is a new brand just out that's now doing high protein peanut bars which I absolutely love and find them really addictive. This has to be one of my favourite bars at the minute with the added chocolate for a sweeter finish compared to the other bars which have a more blander taste and not quite as sweet.


Do you have any favourite protein snacks or drinks?


xo, Jenny

2 responses to “Gluten Free Fitness Snacks You Need to Try”

  1. The Sunday Mode says:

    These all look delicious and I’ve never tried plantain chips before but they look really good! To be honest I’ve never known the difference between a plantain and a regular banana…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Beckerman Girls says:

    WOWOWO!!! Those snacks look soo soon delicious! AMAZING! Those crisps are so delicious!

    xoBeckerman Girls


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