Weekend Pamper with Scrub Love and Hand Chemistry

It’s the weekend!! Finally, my time to relax and unwind after a hectic week and wind down to some of my favourite blogs, magazines and most importantly my quick weekend pamper routine. I have a new edition to my routine from Scrub Love and this is one of the best scrubs I’ve come across to date and couldn’t wait to share this with you and other products I’ve been loving recently. I would normally use this scrub at the weekend Friday/Sunday, as it’s super messy and I like to allow it time to sit on my skin to work its magic.


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Hydrate Winter Skin with Scrub Love Mint Temptation Body Scrub & Hand Chemistry Body Mist.


 I can’t go a day without coffee and it’s even better when it’s combined into one of the scrubbiest scrubs I’ve ever used! Coffee is nature’s natural exfoliator and it totally makes sense when Scrub Love decided to mix coffee and mint together to create Mint Temptation*. This is one of those mixes that you can’t wait to use in the mornings as the scent is really invigorating and just get’s you energised for the day. Scrub Love comes in a resealable pack that’s packed full of nourishing ingredients to kick start your weekend. We have a gorgeous range of natural ingredients from nourishing almond oil, Argan oil,  aloe Vera, tea tree oil, coffee peppermint and dead sea salt. As you can imagine this is the ultimate pamper treatment and the granules are dry and easy to apply to the skin. I try and keep the scrub on for more than fifteen minutes on my face and feel this gives optimum results! I normally read a book, magazine or catch up on emails.


As for my body it’s way too messy to be sitting around the house in so I apply this in the bath/shower and let it sit on my skin for five minutes as recommended, then using a circular scrubbing motion I will remove the scrub under warm water to leave my skin super soft. I can’t even tell you how this left my skin feeling as it was just out of this world!! It was left highly moisturised and hydrated which was unexpected as the results really were mind blowing. This scrub left my skin super soft and glowing, I just think it’s fantastic for targeting all these problems in one product whilst the oils (especially tea tree) target my skin throughout the day to soothe and moisturise and leave a hydrating film on the skin. The only downside I have to this scrub is the fact it’s VERY messy!! I definitely recommend applying this in the shower/bath otherwise, it will go everywhere. The scent is really refreshing and I love the hints of coffee and mint mixed together for a comforting, indulgent finish.



Drench Dry Skin in Luxury with Moisture Boosting Ingredients.


After using this on my body and seeing the amazing results and how much my skin glowed I was eager to see the effects it had on my face. I do have mild acne which is gradually clearing up and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this aspect but wanted to give the scrub a try on my face to see if it made a difference. I can confirm that this scrub works just as good for the face as it does the body! As soon as I removed the scrub my skin was very red, however, this soon cleared up throughout the day and by evening I noticed my skin looked much calmer, smoother and the acne had dried out in areas. The main highlight was the very next day! I was awoken to hardly any redness in problem areas, smoother skin texture and smaller pimples, but most surprisingly my skin looked whiter in appearance and the redness was completely mellowed out, that I could walk out the door without makeup on (that’s exactly what I did that day). I’m excited to keep using this scrub on my body/face as I really do believe it’s helped and the fact it’s really exfoliating does wonder for my skin to keep it glowing and refreshed.


Moving onto another favourite product on mine is the super hydrating Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist*. This mist is perfect for applying straight after using the Scrub Love body scrub all over my face and body to boost the hydration levels in my skin. This is brilliant for winter when the weather makes your skin a little more dryer and it needs to be replenished. This body mist was a CEW Beauty Awards Finalist and I can totally see why after trying it for myself. I spray this all over my face and body and find the spray application super easy to navigate and it just makes the whole application process that much more fun. I’ve never come across a spray on formula before and normally opt for rich body conditioners/butter when it comes to hydrating my skin when I come out the shower but this mist is a strong competitor. I say this because you’re not left with any residue after applying and it just dries straight into the skin! It also claims to give up to 72 hours of hydration, this I can’t exactly confirm because I most often forget to keep a check but I can say my skin is hydrated that evening going into the following day.


The magic formula in this mist is the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a base of hydrating plant D-glucose; this providing hydration below and on the surface of the skin. It’s very sciencey but that’s what I love about the DECIEM (The Abnormal Beauty Company) brand and ethics, they have multiple brands under one site and all perform to the highest of standards. I’ve been using many of the brands under DECIEM for years now, more so Grow Gorgeous and it’s definitely worth checking out if your after luxurious skincare/hair care that makes a difference. This doesn’t only hydrate but it also softens the skin even more which works in perfect balance with the Scrub Love Body Scrub. It has a gorgeous subtle citrus scent and also works to firm the skin! Perfect for using before the gym or after swimming.


Have you tried any of these products? If so what’re your thoughts?


xo, Jenny


Some of these items have been sent to me for review and will be appropriately marked. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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  1. Elise B says:

    Haven’t heard of this before but it looks so good, the packaging looks so fresh and cool too.


  2. That body mist sounds so cool! I want to try

  3. I need to try that body mist, it sounds lovely! xx

  4. Poppy Kay says:

    Love the packaging of the scrub! I am a sucker for cute packaging haha!


  5. Georgia Jade says:

    I’ve not heard of this brand before, but That body mist sounds amazing!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

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