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It’s that time of year where you want to get all of your cosy blankets, socks, slippers and decors out to make the house warm and welcoming for guests. Autumn and Winter has to be one of my favourite times of the year and there’s nothing more satisfying than coming in from the cold to a warm, dimly lit house with all my favourite candles burning above the fireplace.


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Home Comforts to Keep You Warm During The Colder Months.


With the nights bringing in a cold chill we’ve started burning the open fire in the evenings and I might have just invested in a pair of irresistible UGG Australia Slippers. These slippers are so cosy and I love the easy slip on design with a thick natural wool lining that just hugs the feet and keeps them warm on those cold winter days/nights. I don’t regret investing in these as I’m forever wearing thick bed socks around the house and now I can just slip these babies on and have the same comfort and warmth that my bed socks would give. What’s even better about these is the fact they will work just as good for Spring and Summer with the versatile suede and sheepskin lining to keep your feet cool and soft. If your anything like me the first thing you want to do when you get in the door is change straight into your pyjamas. Yes, I’ve been mocked my whole life for this and it’s been a running joke in my family.


Slippers are most definitely making a comeback and I couldn’t be more thrilled by this aspect especially now that were heading into the colder months and there’s nothing more satisfying than slipping on a pair of cosy, luxurious slippers. Slippers would be considered a luxury, even if they don’t have a high price tag in my opinion, as it just gives you that warm, comforting feel when you slip your feet into them and just feel much more secure. Don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of irresistible booties at this time of year but after countless pairs, I was getting pretty bored of the same style and wanted to spend a little more for something more effortless, such as these irresistible UGGS. The design screams simplicity and I went with Espresso as this is the shade that most represents me! Dark chocolate always looks good with everything and I’m a coffee addict so I couldn’t go for anything else….


Whittards Luxury Hot Chocolate.


The main purpose of this investment was the fact these slippers have real wool which definitely stands the test of time and it’s also a brilliant natural fibre for keeping your feet cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. Wool has many brilliant aspects and it’s also water resistant and would be collected naturally when the sheep get sheered just before summer kicks in.  The best thing about these UGGS is the fact I can just come in the door after a long day and slip these babies straight on. This has to be my favourite time of year and I’ve already started burning my winter candles and getting more cosy pieces of home decor out around the house to make it warmer. Every year I buy the Whittards hot chocolate range as it has to be one of the best! Yes, it is more of a luxury as it’s got a much higher price point but I’m a huge chocolate addict and love the fact the hot chocolate mixed contain real chocolate shredding’s that just melt beautifully in the sauce pan for a thick, creamy hot chocolate experience. If you haven’t seen my LUSH Halloween/Christmas Haul then make sure to give this a watch as I’m totally loving this year’s collection and can’t stop using the Sleepy body lotion! It’s so dreamy….


What’s your home comforts during Autumn/Winter?


xo, Jenny

7 responses to “Home Comforts with UGG”

  1. TheStyleRawr says:

    Eeep, these slippers look SO cosy. I’d love to try them – Jade has been buying Tim some for years!! I always tend to wear booties but my ankles always get hot – these could be the answer!

    T x

  2. Sharni says:

    Aren’t UGG slippers amazing?! They last for years, too!

    Sharni X


  3. Lauren says:

    Those slippers look absolutely beautiful! I have chocolate brown mini uggs (the ones that sit just above the ankle) – although I probably wouldn’t wear them out they are the most SNUGGLY slippers! Lauren – http://www.theyoproedit.com

  4. Terri says:

    These look so comfy and cosy, perfect for winter!!

    Much love,


  5. Dora says:

    I need to get myself a pair of these! So cosy

  6. Uggs are just perfect for Winter these look so comfy

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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