Beauty Supplements You Need in Your Diet

If you’re an avid reader of Krystel Couture then you will know I love talking about the health benefits of food supplements just as much as my favourite beauty and skincare products, as I find it very important to take care of your well-being just as much as the exterior when it comes to skincare products on the market.


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When it comes to beauty it’s vital to have your skin looking good from the inside rather than just applying on thick layers make-up that only works as a temporary solution to cover up the problematic skin. If you read my latest post on my Gluten Free journey you will see exactly what I mean when it comes to swapping processed foods for cleaner, healthier alternatives that just makes your skin glow and clears up problems such as acne. Dry skin is another problem that can be cured of the inside alongside brittle nails and damaged hair by taking a variety of supplements/foods that contain high doses of Omega 3 fats. I will list all of my favourite supplements below that I use everyday/weekly religiously, as it’s a much cheaper alternative and less time consuming to keeping your diet on track without buying fresh ingredients every day and taking the time out to prep everything.


Iron by MyProtein

One of the most vital supplements, especially if you’re a woman as it helps to boost circulation, red blood cells and more energy. This is a must have if you don’t eat much red meat like myself and want something to regulate the body into a healthy state of balance and give more energy by preventing fatigue.


Multi-Vitamins by Seven Seas*

I must admit this is what I reach for every day as it’s so much easier to take a vitamin that contains everything I need and it’s less forgettable if I’m in a hurry. Vitamin C is brilliant for helping to absorb iron and multivitamins contain the right dosage for taking every day if your needing to boost your Vitamin intake. I always opt for good quality brands that I trust when it comes to vitamins and Seven Seas is one of my favourite brands. I think if you’re a beginner in taking supplements, multi-vitamins is a great starting point and these ones from Seven Seas tick all the right boxes with complete A-Z Multivitamins and the added Cod Liver and Marine oil to boost your omega and B vitamin intake.


B Vitamins by Healthspan 

If you constantly feel drained, fatigued or have unbalanced hormones then I highly recommend you look into B Vitamins. These are brilliant for regulating hormones and boosting your energy levels. I currently use tablets at the minute, but I’ve also noticed patches on the market which I’m looking into buying in the next couple of weeks as these seem so much better and the reviews seem brilliant without having to take vitamins every day and just applying the patch to my skin.


Orange Burst Fish Oil by Wiley’s Finest*

This is something I take every day for healthy, hydrated, glowing skin and couldn’t recommend fish oil more for its many benefits. I have the Wiley’s Finest Capsules and the brand new Liquid form which I kindly got sent to me a couple of months back. This is something I can’t be without as it’s recommended we eat two portions of fish per week to get our omega intake but sometimes I only eat fish once a week and really should eat more. This oil is a life saver as it gives me the chance to get all my essential vitamins and omega fats at once. What I love most about this oil is the fact it’s super easy to take in the mornings and the orange oil makes it taste much better! I prefer the oil formula to the capsules now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin and hair since taking this.


Vitamin C by Seven Seas

This is another vitamin I take regularly as I don’t always eat fruit every day and currently use the dissolving capsules from Seven Seas. These work by adding to cold water and they dissolve pretty quickly and turn regular water into a fizzy energy boost. I really like how these capsules taste and the fact they give that fizzy finish to the drink that gives a nice boost in the mornings before the gym.


Taking these supplements regularly has made me ill less often! My skins also looking the best it’s ever had and my energy levels have most definitely soared. Seven Seas has to be one of my favourite supplement brands as the tablets are really high quality and taste great! I do like Healthspan for other vitamins but do find these more on the pricey side.


What’re your favourite supplements? Is there a supplement you can’t be without?


xo, Jenny

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  1. kathleen says:

    Really interesting post, I think I need to look into B vitamins as you literally described me in that section!

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990s

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