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I've always been an Acne fan and absolutely fell in love with the simplicity of each design and with that being said I've always longed for the perfect pair of boots for day and evening and I think I might have just found the ones. Yes, we have the Acne Jens boots, these are simplicity at its finest and the added heel makes for the perfect edition to my wardrobe.



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Product Details: Acne Studios Jens Boots and here



Acne Studios Jens Boots.


These boots and similar styles produced by Acne Studios have been seen on many high profile names and I can totally see why!! They really are dreamy and go perfectly with anything and everything in my wardrobe. I managed to pick these up in the Mythressa sale a couple of months back and eagerly awaiting to get my hands on the flat boots next as you can't really go wrong with the design and quality of these boots. They are effortlessly cool and elevate any outfit for a modern finish. These have an iconic Chelsea silhouette with a three-inch stiletto heel to really amp up the design for evening wear. These have been designed in Italy using 100% Calf Leather with an elastic gusset to the side that allows these boots to shape to your foot beautifully and gives you that easy slip on, slip off access.

Just like most designer/splurge pieces I normally wait to see if they will go on sale and luckily enough these babies did just that and I couldn't contain my excitement at the fact I bagged my first Acne piece and the fact my size was the only size in stock at the time of buying. I can't even begin to explain how comfortable these are! It's almost like walking on clouds with the gorgeous pointed toe finish and metal tip. I wasn't expecting these to be so comfortable to walk in with such a thin heel but honestly, these are dreamy and perfect for every day. You could say I'm now eager to invest in the cult Jensen boots as you can't really go wrong with the all over design of these; simply beautiful and most importantly minimal, they just ooze sophistication.

What're your thoughts on these boots?

xo, Jenny

4 responses to “Acne Studios Jens Heeled Boots”

  1. Rafaela says:

    oh so perfect!!! i really want to buy ones for me!! Acne is really the best!!


  2. Helen Stuart says:

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    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Helen 🙂 I actually heard about this a year or so back when researching about high levels of mercury in fish and completely aware of this that’s why I would recommend Wiley’s Finest because it’s locally sourced and the fact it’s slightly more expensive compared to other oils on the market with the higher quality of ingredients! I normally get my omega oils from nuts such as Almonds and Cashews and most importantly Olive Oil but if you invest in a higher quality fish oil and research the brand and everything put into the formula I’m certain it is fine for consumption without the fear of high mercury levels or other horrible/artificial ingredient x

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