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As you might have already guessed I’m pretty lipstick obsessed! I can’t even contain my excitement when it comes to writing about these new lipsticks launching this fall from 4U2 Cosmetics. I’ve already done a swatching video below showcasing each shade on the lips and the stunning creamy texture that just keeps your lips feeling hydrated all day. I must admit I’m a huge matte fan but this satin formula from the Lipaholic range is absolutely gorgeous.





4U2 Cosmetics Lipstick Collection Launching Fall 2016.


When swatching all fourteen shades for my latest YouTube video it was a dream to see each shade in the flesh compared to me doing photographs and placing them on my blog! I have still included one finished look and swatches but must admit filming each shade was a lot more fun. I can’t wait to film more videos like this and get some makeup looks up for you guy’s as it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing and editing together; anyway back to the review itself and I will talk you through the brand and more about each lipstick.


4U2 Cosmetics* is a family run business that started in Los Angeles, but has since expanded with a wide range of cosmetics launching this fall and even better each product is cruelty-free (which is a huge must for me when it comes to using any skincare/makeup products). The Lipaholic range is HUGE!! Fourteen shades in total and if you want to see each one in action then make sure to watch my video below and even better I’ve swatched each shade from the lightest to the darkest and removed each one before applying the other, this representing the true colour to the best of my ability. 4U2 Cosmetics has not yet confirmed prices for each product featured in the collection but I can imagine these will be going for well under £10 once they launch online, and I for one can’t wait!!


4U2 Cosmetics Lipaholic Range.


These creamy lipsticks have definitely stolen my heart and I’ve been wearing them constantly, even more so than my beloved mattes. The intensity of each shade really is impeccable, after my first application on the lighter shades it’s easy to see you can get away with applying once. As for the darker shades, some of these could do with a lip liner to get a more precise finish and do take two coats to get the best results. The pigmentation definitely get’s me and it’s something that keeps me coming back for more! I have a couple of favourites from the collection but overall the entire range is very flattering and I can’t really fault anything about these lipsticks apart from the packaging. I find the bullet on the light side and it’s not as sturdy compared to other lipsticks I’ve tried! Yes, this is a budget brand but I feel the plastic packaging would be more acceptable to breaking in your bag or if you’re like me and leave things lying on the floor.


What’re your thoughts on the new lipophilic collection launching soon from 4U2 Cosmetics?

xo, Jenny



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10 responses to “4U2 Cosmetics Lipaholic Collection”

  1. I have never heard of this brand before but those lipsticks look amazing. Love the colours.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

  2. Stevia Maria Indrawan says:

    sounds like a great lipstick
    and you have so many! glad to see a fellow lipstick hoarder

    The Sweetest Escape

  3. Jacqui says:

    Loving the packaging!

    Jacqui | Jaqventures

  4. Izabela Nair says:

    I have never heard of this range before. Those lipsticks look amazing.


  5. i never heard of this range before but all the colours look amazing.


  6. Bethany Dean says:

    These look gorgeous! You literally suit every shade, how good! xo

    Beth | Polishedcouture.wordpress.com

  7. Poppy Kay says:

    These look lovely! I love the look of the true red shade!


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