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I bought Sunday Riley Good Genes as an extension to the Luna Night Oil, both of these work together in harmony to heal the skin and make it look the best it can from within and out. This is something I’ve come to notice over my time using both products and the results that come with them. Luna works as an overnight healer for the skin and penetrates deep into the skin to reveal an inner glow I never knew I had! Whereas Good Genes really plumps the skin and exfoliates away dead skin cells.


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Product Details: Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment


This particular product works like a facial treatment and reduces pore size, whilst leaving your skin visibly glowing and as an added bonus it also boosts circulation and banishes deep tissue scarring such as Acne.  I’ve noticed a huge improvement using this during the day and my skin looks allot plumper in appearance and brighter! It’s no longer dull and tired looking from daily stress and pollution and just looks really healthy. I also like how this formula exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, for younger/healthier looking skin. Again this product is not a miracle worker! Some people might notice results straight away but with me, it took at least a week or two before I started seeing major results. 


It definitely plumps the skin and makes it look like you’ve had fillers or Botox (not that I’d know what this looks or feels like), but I could image it increases skin thickness, for a much younger looking appearance. This is a deep treatment that promotes collagen growth in the deeper layers of the skin, and this is why it reminds me of the acne laser treatments I used to get. These laser treatments basically penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to promote collagen growth and increase circulation to renew the complexion and banish acne scarring. These treatments worked, but at a cost! They were super expensive and I had one treatment every month for seven months! With this serum, it does exactly the same thing but in less time and less money.


Sunday Riley has a plethora of beautiful products under its belt and they may seem pricey but boy does it work and last!! This is my second investment product from the range after trying out and still using the Sunday Riley Luna Oil to this very day. The products are packaged really nicely and give amazing results when used to the exact guidelines on the box. I’m hoping to add more to my collection this coming Christmas and really excited to see what results from these bring. Overall my experience with the Good Genes treatment has been positive as I’ve noticed a lot of mixed reviews on this particular product. I would also like to add if you want this product to go even further or if you suffer from sensitive skin, then I highly recommend adding a small drop to your daily moisturiser for a more gentle approach to using this serum.


What’re your thoughts on Good Genes? Have you picked up a bottle yet?


xo, Jenny



4 responses to “Sunday Riley Good Genes”

  1. Amy says:

    I live for my Luna night oil and have been spying this for a while, will have to treat myself soon. Great post.

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk – Amy x

  2. flowery says:

    Never heard of this brand before, but sounds amazing.




  3. I’ve heard great things about this brand as a whole – it sounds great x


  4. Cara E says:

    I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Sunday Riley products and this treatment seems no different! I really want to invest in their night oil xx

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