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Jadu Tea is right up there on my must-have luxury tea brands. I’ve been privileged to benefit from experiencing a variety of tea blends from Jadu Tea and can’t wait to tell you all about them below.


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I have learned a tremendous amount over the years about a good cup of tea as well as coffee and find loose tea the way forward. I love my tea and always aim to get the best when shopping around, I’m thinking organic and packed full of flavour. The reason as to why I opt for organic is to avoid the dreaded bleached tea bag, this containing unnecessary ingredients I’d rather avoid on top of fluoride. When it comes down to it I personally see tea as a luxury so I’m more than happy to pay more for a good blend that hits the spot. I’m a huge Twinning’s fan but love splashing out more on unnecessary tea pigs and other fabulous brands; however, Jadu Tea* offers something more and it’s that little more special for a nice treat or for someone special.

The Jadu Tea blends are not just fulfilling but they offer a comfort blanket for when your feeling low or looking for a boost. I’ve been enjoying my blends out in the sunshine with a good magazine and notepad to write out some posts and love how quickly they boost my mood and energise me. Each blend I’ve tried is packed with flavour and depth, it’s almost impossible to not reach for another cup.


Spa Afternoon

As soon as you open the sachet you get a strong sweet smell of spearmint. This blend is very refreshing and absolutely beautiful for a quick afternoon pick-me-up. Spa Afternoon is described as a blend of Chinese oolong tea and premium herbs. Spearmint makes for the perfect digestive to refresh and sooth. Oolong, on the other hand, is designed to boost metabolism. Dandelion, burdock and nettle are rich in vitamins and minerals used to detoxify the blood while milk thistle is known to boost liver function. This tea is purely designed to cleanse, purify and uplift.


Rooibos Creme Brûlée

Sweet but subtle is the best way to describe this one! It’s not overly rich but just right to give you that sweet kick. This is a unique blend and something I’ve never come across before so it was fun trying this one out and I actually really enjoying this in the afternoon as a sweet pick me up for lunch. This is perfect as it’s a caffeine-free version to tea and rich in minerals and vitamins, combined with rich caramel and hints of cinnamon. 


White Mango Lime

This is a beautiful white tea blend and packed full of antioxidants. This tea blend has been gently enhanced with chunks of tropical mango and piquant lime leaves for a refreshing fruity treat. This again is another subtle blend that’s gentle enough for any time of the day and works as a nice treat. I really enjoy the aspect of the fresh fruit added into this refreshing blend and the pineapple adds a nice twist to the aftertaste with the mixture of lime and papaya.


China Green

A smooth blend of pure green tea, one of my favourite blends for simplicity if you are looking for a full-bodied tea that delivers on antioxidants and other health benefits. This is perfect for the mornings or used in your juices/smoothies for a real health kick mixed with other fruits and vegetables. Green tea does have a slightly acquired taste and might not be to everyone’s taste when drinking straight so I do recommend mixing it with smoothies or other juices for a more subtle taste.


Mademoiselle Grey

This is an invigorating blend and described as a flirtatious take on the classic favourite Earl Grey using Sri Lankan Uva Black Tea as a base. It has a distinctive citrus character and bursts with zesty, aromatic bergamot, making it full-bodied and generously scented. This is beautifully delicate but at the same time refreshing and hits the spot if your looking for something on a warm summers afternoon chilled with ice or you can always have it the traditional way, either way, is just as good in my opinion. This blend is finished with bright citrus notes of lemon, orange and lemongrass and a sprinkling of delightfully striking red cornflowers. I was hesitant when opening this as it was beautifully packaged and presented and I hesitant stop looking at the pretty peels and flowers mixed into this blend and can confirm it tastes just as good as it looks!


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my experience using the couldn’t Tea blends and will definitely be back for more once I finish my current blends and looking forward to trying out other varieties from the range.


Have you tried anything from Jadu Tea before? What’s your favourite blend?


xo, Jenny

Some of these items have been sent to me for review and will be appropriately marked. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

6 responses to “Jadu Tea London”

  1. Nadia says:

    I am a huge tea lover! The more flavours to try the better! This post is so up my street, sweetie 😉
    I’ve never tried Jadu Tea but China Green & Spa Afternoon sound so good! Will be checking these out.
    Aww, I’ve missed your blog. Will read back now a bit <3
    xox Nadia

  2. poldo napitupulu says:

    nice review
    thanks for sharing


  3. Olivia says:

    Jade Tea sounds so good and the packaging looks really pretty! 🙂 I love the mixture of blends they have. White Mango Lime and Mademoiselle Grey sound delicious!

    Olivia x | Liviatiana

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