Fathers Day Gift Ideas


Father’s day is just around the corner now and I wanted to put together some of my favourite gift ideas to treat your dad to this Sunday!



The fragrance is always a safe bet and I went with two of my dad’s favourite scents at the moment from Lynx and GANT. Lynx Africa has always been a firm favourite with my dad and something he used every day so it’s the first thing I buy when it comes to gifting. Then we have the GANT fragrance, a natural and refreshing everyday scent that’s bursting with fresh dark woody notes. I think these two would compliment each other well and both are perfect for summer with the refreshing scents. I’ve managed to pack in some sweet treats too! This is always an easy option if you stuck on what to buy! Normally I would visit Thorntons and get my dad his favourite treacle covered toffees but this year I decided to focus more on other gifts and less on the sweets. I picked up a huge bar of Toblerone to compliment everything else and keep it fun. These are a great idea to include in your Father’s Day gifts as it’s not overly expensive and it gives you time to focus on other gifts that might be more preferred. Another fun and the inexpensive idea was these Pepsi Lip Balms, perfect for every day if your dad likes to use lip balms and the packaging totally makes these even more enjoyable, not to mention the real taste of each balm!


A great essential for this time of year is the humble sunglasses, a must have all year round in my eyes! You really can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Ray-Bans as these would be perfect for splashing out on as I’m sure they won’t disappoint! If you’ve got everything else covered then you need to get in on the men’s skincare boom! Honestly, I think it’s great that men are starting to put more effort into keeping their skin younger and healthier for longer. My partners have been coming to me lately for advice on the best face masks, eye creams and cleanser, so I’ve been helping him out to make the right choice; even better it means I can steal some for myself when he’s not looking like he’s forever stealing my products, ha, ha! I think this is what inspired me to focus on skincare with my dad this year and I picked up the Eye Contour Serum after receiving a free sample in my Cult Beauty Goodie Bag. This oil is perfect for multitasking as you can pop a drop in your favourite moisturiser, creams and apply it neatly. This leaves your skin looking brighter, hydrated and smoother so I figured it would make the perfect Fathers Day gift with its multipurpose formula, making it cost-effective and less fussy for the man in your life.


If you’ve got everything else covered why not fall back on classics such as hair pastes and putties for styling hair. This is something my dad uses every day to style his short hair and these ones from Moose Head* have the best packaging! I find it really fun and different to anything else on the market. I think these would make perfect gift options for dads who regularly style there hair. Next up we have the Erasmic Shaving Foam, a must have essential for any man! This is perfect for shaving with as it contains hydrating Aloe Vera and other beneficial ingredients to moisturise the skin and keep it smooth. This makes for the perfect luxurious indulgence when it comes to shaving and I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Lastly one of my personal favourites, The GLAMGLOW super mud mask; this is a cult favourite of mine and it seems to be a hit with the men too! I’ve let my dad try samples of this in the past and he loved the results and for this reason, I decided to treat him to the full version. This mask is brilliant for clearing the skin out and reducing pores! You can’t really go wrong with this mask and I think it’s one of the most suited masks for men with it’s clearing benefits.


Have you got your Father’s Day gifts figured out? Let me know below


xo, Jenny


7 responses to “Fathers Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Olivia says:

    These are great Father’s Day gift ideas! The Pepsi Lip Balms look awesome and you can’t go wrong with a good perfume/deodorant! 🙂

    Olivia x

  2. Bash Harry says:

    To be honest, I wish my dad would want the cool things so I could use them myself! Haha! He doesn’t like celebrating Father’s Day, he just calls it a waste of money. Oh Dads…

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  3. Georgia Owen says:

    Great ideas, I’m always stuck for ideas for Father’s Day and have been suitably inspired!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  4. Sarah Laird says:

    You’ve got such amazing ideas for Father’s Day, your dad is super lucky 🙂 I’m away this weekend so I had to give my dad his presents early but I’ll have to pick these lip balms up as an extra now – he suffers really dry skin as a side effect from chemo and I’ve been looking for some lip products that would appeal to men, these are perfect! x

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