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This was a brand I’ve been longing to try out after hearing Olivia Palermo was a fan and it doesn’t disappoint! The Electric Hair shampoo and conditioner duo works wonders together and leaves my hair shiny but most importantly full of volume which I wouldn’t have expected since it’s a hydrating duo, which can normally leave your hair flat and lacking volume.


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The packaging from the brand is very minimal and sleek and comes with easy to access bottles that come in handy when in the shower with the pop-up lid to prevent any unwanted spillages or product waste. The hair treatment comes in a large tub that’s easy to access too and lets’s you get more product to apply to the hair and leave in for ten-twenty minutes, depending on how dry your hair is at the time. Overall the products have a unisex look to them and my partners also using the products himself and really enjoying the results.


H2-1 Hydrate Shampoo* – My hairs been really lacking colour and depth recently with the dramatic weather change and intense heat at the minute. I noticed straight away after using this for the very first time that the red tones in my hair started to come out more with a more brighter appearance and enhanced colour depth. Surprisingly enough my boyfriend even noticed how dramatic the results were and commented if I dyed my hair again, which I never; it was all down to this shampoo and conditioner duo. The formula is really rich and creamy and lathers beautifully when applied to the hair for the first time! I always repeat wash and find the first application doesn’t lather so good but this done exceptionally well. This shampoo is packed with moisture-rich ingredients as well as meadowfoam, moisture regulating ingredients and sugarbeet extract to build volume and strengthen hair.


H2-2 Hydrate Conditioner* – Enriched with jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil and sugar beet extracts to provide intense hydration and to protect your hair. This smooths down the cuticle and instantly reduces frizz for a shine-free finish and still keeps volume and bounce in the hair. Just like the shampoo this conditioner helps to add depth to the hair and enhances the colour tones and leaves hair shiny.


c1 Intensive Treatment Masque* – The treatment masque contains wonderful ingredients to leave hair nourished and full of life! It’s packed with hydrating olive oil, wheat germ oil, vegetable proteins and coconut. The formulas really lightweight and easy to apply with the tub being larger and easily accessible to apply a thick layer of the product down the hair shaft and ends; I normally avoid the roots to keep volume in my hair and not weight it down. You can keep this mask on for a minimum of ten minutes but on the weekends I enjoy using this for longer with a towel wrapped around my hair to keep heat in and to active the mask more to get deeper into the hair for softer, shinier results. The mask definitely gives great results as my hair was left shiny, frizz free and full of body! It is pricey and I would recommend this as more of a pamper treatment to be used weekly to keep hair in perfect condition.


What’re your thoughts on this hair care range?


xo, Jenny


7 responses to “Electric Hairdressing London Haircare”

  1. Alfredo Ciano says:

    A complete guide !!!

  2. Kemi says:

    Never heard of this brand, but the products looks quite nice. Glad you’ve enjoyed using them, may have to check them out myself!

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but these products sound amazing! Love the packaging, and it’s awesome they give you volume as well as it giving you more depth to the colour of your hair 🙂


    • Jenny says:

      Neither of I until trying them out and really happy with the results! The price point is pretty high mind you but definitely deliver on what they say they do! 🙂 x

  4. Sarah Laird says:

    I’ve never come across this brand but it sounds amazing – especially how much depth it gives to your colour! x

    Viva Epernay

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