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As you may already know Teagime has been a beneficial part of my daily routine for months now! If this is your first time reading my blog or if you missed my first Teagime post then you can always read it here.


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This is an update post and a little chat on how this natural tea blend has changed my lifestyle and eating habits. Instead of drinking water daily I love how these loose tea blends can be added to boiling water and add an instant boost of flavour and nutrients. I don’t drink fizzy juice or anything artificial and this has been a healthy change I made almost a year ago now and I haven’t looked back! I wanted to ditch the sugar for many reasons to do with general health and for the sake of my skin. The Teagime subscription box* is a fortnightly or monthly box which you can choose to receive whenever it benefits you but I’ve actually noticed my sachets lasting well over two weeks. Inside the box you receive a loose tea strainer, individual tea blend ingredients, health benefits card and three sachets; Morning, Afternoon and Evening all packed with beneficial ingredients to support the body throughout the day.


Teagime has presented itself as a teatox brand and this is very well but I also feel it’s so much more than just a detoxing tea blend and actually benefits the immune system, skin, hormones and much much more. I really can’t see myself giving this tea up after using it for months now and getting to try the different blends every other week. It’s always exciting to see what new blends Teagime comes up with and I’ve been loving this months blend of strawberries and raspberries. No box is the same and this is why today I’m sharing one of my favourites and I will talk you through the health benefits and what’s included in the blends of this particular box. What’s even more inspiring about this brand is the fact you have the option when signing up to fill in your personal online form that’s related to you and your body. As an example, I suffer from acne, hormone breakouts and most likely hormone imbalance after coming off the pill three months ago. With all of this going on I wanted my subscription boxes to help aid these problems and increase my energy at the same time.


I’ve provided details below on this months pack (April 2016) and you can notice that these ingredients are targeted towards my survey of health concerns being, acne, stress, anxiety, low immune system and general fitness.


Morning Blend = Strawberry Fields Forever – Honey red tea infused with a mix of allergy-fighting peppermint and strawberries which enhance the production of healthy red blood cells.


Afternoon Blend = The Little Alchemist – Lady’s mantle increases your fat burn rate while relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome with raspberry, which also improves digestion and boosts immunity levels.


Evening Blend  = Night Vision Aid – Honeybush tea is a gentle gastrointestinal tonic that helps relieve constipation. Bilberry to improve night vision and lemon balm to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting better sleep.


I’m somehow who’s here, there and everywhere so drinking these teas on the go is essential for me and when I do have the time to drink them from home I love using the cute little strainer that comes provided in the box (shown above)  but I’ve just recently invested in another strainer that you can carry on the go that works very similar to the Teagime strainer provided. This tumbler is actually from another teatox company called Teami and it’s perfect for carrying around and keeping your tea warm (p.s claim 10% off Teami with my code “KRYSTEL10” . As I mentioned above I only drink water and teas now so having different tea blends is a must for me to get a good variety throughout the day/week.


I do treat myself to coffee some mornings but just recently cutting back on this also and regular breakfast tea blends. I’ll not love coffee and will continue to drink it but maybe not every day; this meaning I need a substitute to wake me up in the mornings and get me energised for the day ahead; that’s where Teagime comes in. It’s easy to brew the loose tea up by placing a teaspoon and a half of tea into the strainer/tumbler and letting it mix with the water for 3-4 minutes before drinking. Let me tell you I never even thought for a minute this would replace coffee or work as instant but it really does! I’ve felt so much better in the mind and body since drinking these teas and used to always wake up to mind for where I find it hard to think/plan my day and feeling unmotivated.


Since drinking these teas this has completely disappeared in the second month that being November 2016. I started these back in late August and done a light review on them but wanted to keep using them for a couple of months before doing this more in-depth review today. It’s now April and I can’t see myself going without these blends as it’s really helped regulate my periods, hormones and gives me an abundance of energy each day. My skins never looked better and I’ve only had the odd break out when I’m naughty and eating too much chocolate or white bread in one day or during my period; apart from this my skins been completely blemished free and much easier to control. Mind fog was something I suffered with for a long time and this is now completely gone and I’ve got so much more energy and concentration that I can do tasks and get them done before having a break.


I’ve also noticed my hair grow much faster than usual and my nails! I actually haven’t weighed myself or noticed the weight loss benefits just because this wasn’t something I was particularly worried about but I can tell you that I haven’t gained any weight since starting these teas and don’t experience bloating. I would say these have helped reduce my weight but I can’t guarantee this because I haven’t actually looked into it much but for everything I was cautious about it’s helped massively. I’ve noticed the health improvements first hand and excited to continue my subscription and it does come up pretty expensive but because I’ve decided to ditch all my other drinks this works out as a healthier alternative and most likely costs the same amount in the long term. If you want to try the Teagime service for yourself you can sign up here and fill in the questionnaire. I’ve just joined the gym and excited to use my Teagime blends as part of my gym routine to burn fat and get better results from my workouts.


Will you be trying Teagime out? What’re your thoughts on Teatox programmes do you think they work?


xo, Jenny


Some of these items have been sent to me for review and will be appropriately marked. Please see my disclaimer for more information

5 responses to “Teagime Subscription Box”

  1. Alice Grace says:

    I’m obsessed with tea and drink so many different types (mostly green and herbal blends), so this subscription sounds perfect for me! I’ve tried teatoxes before and never really enjoyed them or found they made a difference to my digestion, so I love that this one is aimed at helping a number of concerns and isn’t just focused on weight loss! The flavours sound delicious and I’m eager to try anything that will help me avoid that 3pm energy slump!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  2. Tamsin Swann says:

    I love the little strainer, it’s so cute! I keep debating these tea makes but can’t decide if they’re for me or not. I love green tea though x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  3. Lauren says:

    I started drinking tea a few days ago as I have read in to how healthy natural teas can be for you. This subscription box sounds amazing, I will have to look in to it

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  4. Diana Maria says:

    Wow this looks delicious, and the tea sounds amazing! I’m really trying to change my lifestyle and work towards healthier eating habits, and I feel like tea could help so much! This sounds like a great idea!

    My Lovelier Days

  5. The Sunday Mode says:

    That morning strawberry tea sounds absolutely delicious, and the photo of the tea beside the donut looked so appealing!

    I think my sister would absolutely love something like this, she drinks tea every day without fail.


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