Spring Cleaning


Well isn’t this different? Today I have a post especially based on Spring Cleaning for House Network. A little different to my normal beauty and style based posts, but I’ve been wanting to add to the Lifestyle section of my little blog for a while now and mix things up a little.



Spring cleaning to me covers everything from my wardrobe, blog, kitchen, drawers and life. As you can already imagine this post will be long but I’m going to cut everything down into simple pointers so it’s easier to read through.


It’s always great to have a refresh especially coming into Spring and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Juggling work, home life and a blog can be difficult and since moving into the house four months back we’ve still been finding our feet and changing things around. The house is still not fully complete to our exact requirements but we’re slowly getting there. We’ve actually just recently ordered a new suede sofa to replace the leather one as its way too large for the small living room space, however, we’ve been notified it will take up to 13 weeks to be delivered because it’s custom made. We want to create a more tranquil living area and finally, have space to set up the new fish tank and complete the living room. One all of this is done I’d be happy to do a more updated post with everything finally complete and how we like it as a follow up to my  New House post.



I wouldn’t necessarily say I have the bug for cleaning but I do keep up with the housework every other day doing general tasks such as the hoovering, dusting and so on but Spring cleaning is much more intense and that’s when I like to completely empty all of the cupboards out and give them a good scrub down. The kitchen has to be one of the busiest places to start when doing your Spring Cleaning as there’s so much to do and I normally start with cleaning out the fridge and freezer and completely cleaning these down. I will then go on to clean the microwave which should be done every month but I actually never use the microwave, but keep it just in case of emergencies. The next task is most likely the biggest and that’s cleaning out all of the cupboards and getting rid of expired food and re-organising the cupboards. To finish off I will then sweep and mop the floor and polish the wooden cupboards and then clean/change the filter of the cooker. This is something I always forget to do but should be doing every month and that’s washing the washing machine by putting it on the highest heat to kill germs and bacteria.



Having a complete design revamp is always a good idea when it comes to refreshing your blog but I don’t think this will be a path for me for a good year or so yet! I’ve changed my blog theme so many times that I finally feel 100% happy with the outcome. Make sure you are keeping up with regular broken link checks by using this checker or others alike. Another thing I like to do is check my social media accounts and About Me section on my blog so everything is similar and up to date.


Living Area

Make sure to dust the ceiling using a long dusting brush and light fixtures. To clean windows and mirrors I use a mix of vinegar or general window cleaner that you can pick up in the supermarket. You can use a kitchen towel or newspaper to wash windows and mirrors and this method works best for me. When doing my dusting I always make sure to wipe down the doors to keep the wood hydrated and in good condition and I actually use a special wood polish for this. If you don’t polish down doors then make sure to do this as part of your Spring clean. If you have a leather couch now is a good time to give it a polish down using a special leather polish formula to keep the leather hydrated and in good condition.



You should flip your mattress at least every 6 months and if you haven’t already make sure to do this during your Spring Clean to get the most from your mattress and a better-rested sleep. If like me you have your office space in the bedroom it’s a good idea to polish this down and organise the inside drawers of your desk.



Clean down your shower and bathtub using a special formula that removes soap scum and bacteria, Mr Muscle or Dettol is a great choice. After this clean down the toilet and I like to leave some bleach inside the pan to sit and work. We normally change the bathroom and toilet rug every three weeks. I’ll then clean out all of my bathroom cabinets and get rid of expired products if I have any and keep things that might expire soon to the front to make sure I use them up in time.



This is something I will need to start doing soon! I’m currently a week away from sitting my practical test and have a car sitting in the drive that’s covered in dust and needs a good hoover from the inside. I’m not 100% sure yet if I’m keeping the car so haven’t really got around to cleaning it out as I’m hoping to maybe get a slight upgrade to the one I have at the minute. Polishing the inside interior and hoovering down the seats and mats is a must and something that should be done monthly but having a good spring clean is a great idea to through away unwanted junk in the boot and give the car a good going over. It’s not just the inside interior you have to worry about but it’s also a good idea to cover scratches and general wear and tear. Another thing to do after washing your car is to restore paint if it’s losing its shine and give it a good buff down, this gives the car a new lease of life by restoring the original colour and lustre.



I actually just finished cleaning out my wardrobe and organised everything in a way that I can easily grab and put my outfits together quickly. I like to hang all of my jackets up and some T-shirts and shirts that I find crease easily after ironing to keep them crisp. I also hang some of my jeans from hangers and various jumpers to keep the shape. When it comes to my drawers I keep my main drawer in my wardrobe and fill this with my trousers, skirts, shorts in one compartment and then dresses, tops and jumpers in another compartment. This way everything has a specific place and I can easily find what I’m looking for in a hurry! As for shoes, I keep these in a separate wardrobe alongside all of my winter clothes in another room out of the way. I keep my least worn shoes in the original shoe boxes and then for the ones I use often I will organise these in a way that I can have my flats on one side and heels on another. My handbags and scarfs are stored on top of my drawers and I normally place unused or new products such as hair care, skincare and make-up down the sides because my make-up drawers are already filled up. When I do my full house update in a couple of months as mentioned above I will get some images inside my wardrobes so you can get a better idea of the layout I use.


Have you started your spring cleaning yet?


xo, Jenny

5 responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. TheStyleRawr says:

    Gosh, I really need to clean out my wardrobe! It’s high on my to-do list haha!! <3

    T xx

  2. I am so due for a spring cleaning but I’m moving in a few weeks to my new house so obviously there’s no point to really do any huge spring cleaning. I did clean up my makeup storage a few weeks back but I guess when I move, I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning and organizing for a long while…Hahaha. Great post! xx


  3. The Sunday Mode says:

    It’s not even spring for me but I still feel like spring cleaning a few aspects of my life, including my blog. I’d love to do a good redesign sometime soon.


  4. Hannah Lucy says:

    Great post – I’m in such a need to have a spring clean in all of these areas!

    Hannah | Oh January

  5. I do love a good clean out any time of year if I’m honest! There’s something so satisfying about having a deep clean of pretty much everything in your life! I always feel so refreshed!! P.s. good luck with your practical driving test, I’m sure you’ll do so well, let me know how you get on please!!!


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