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I’m a real lover of red hair and haven’t changed my hair colour for the past three years now! Having red hair can be gruelling and hard work to maintain. I must admit I haven’t encountered huge problems with having red hair and find it relatively easy to maintain but only with the right products.


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All of the products above are my haircare life saviours and these are the basics for keeping my hair in the best possible condition and for enhancing the natural colour. After a couple of weeks post colour, I notice my hair can look slightly brassy if I don’t use one of my colour infused conditioners/masks. I have a variety of brands I use to switch between from time to time but must admit my favourite two from the picture is the Aveda Madder Root shampoo and the Maria Nila Colour Refresh Mask (a new brand to me). I actually came across Maria Nila through my local hair and beauty supply store and quickly grabbed it to try for myself after noticing this brand featured on countless of blogs over the past couple of months. Let me tell you though, this particular brand was hard to buy from online as it was not targeted towards the UK market and could only be bought online and shipped to the UK. I don’t normally like buying from websites out with the UK due to customs tax if your package gets searched! So I was super excited when I noticed this on the shelves and can’t wait to try more from the range soon.


Before I go into more detail on each product I want to confirm that these products are the main foundation for keeping my red lasting so long! I normally wash my hair three times a week if not four! I also use conditioner twice a week and hair oil on the ends every other day to keep my hair shiny and smooth. Apart from these small routine steps, the products above are the main heroes for keeping my hair vibrant and full of colour for longer. If you don’t already know I use the LUSH Henna in shade Rouge, this is a monthly ritual of mine and after applying the henna I will then wrap my hair in cling film; this way the red tones come out lighter and brighter for a more intense red. After using the henna I will wait a week or so and start to introduce the colour enhancing masks and shampoos into my routine to keep the colour lasting longer and to give my hair volume and shine.


The Aveda range is more on the pricey side but can be used once a week as a duo or individually to inject colour to the hair and even better the Aveda Madder Root conditioner also contains red henna and you can leave this in your hair for up to 3-10 minutes or longer to achieve more colour. Just like the Aveda colour conditioner the Maria Nila Autumn Red Colour Refresh also gives incredible results when left to work in the hair as a colour treatment for 3-10 minutes. I love the Maria Nila treatment and think this gives a more intense red that still looks natural but might even be one of my top favourites from the range. It’s brilliant because it contains Argan oil and it’s paraben free! In all honesty, most of the products featured are all natural apart from the Tigi True Lasting Colour Serum. This serum is brilliant for applying to the lengths and ends of the hair to give depth and tone to the overall colour and most importantly intense shine.


The best thing about these products is how well they work for my hair and how long the colour enhancing effect lasts! I could see this going for a good week before I feel the need to top up again. If my hairs looking really dull or colourless I sometimes prefer to apply the colour treatment mask for a good 30 minutes out of the shower to work on my hair and then rinse the product out. KC professional is a mask I haven’t even mentioned yet and this is the cheapest of the three conditioners mentioned in this post from Lookfantastic. What I loved about this mask is the fact it comes enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen and repair the hair. I’ve used this treatment a couple of times now and find it very similar in colour to the Aveda MR conditioner! It’s brighter red in tone compared to the Maria Nila Colour Wash as this is more of a deep warm red. With that being said I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the shades represented and love how they don’t very much or give un-natural looking results.


Hopefully this post comes in useful and I highly recommend you use gloves when applying these colour treatment masks as the colour does stain and it’s hard to remove from the skin! Disposable gloves are brilliant for using and normally pretty cheap to get a hold of. I’d also like to point out that this post isn’t just useful for red heads but any colour of hair! The products featured above come in a range of different shades from blonde, brown and more vibrant shades of purple, pink and blue; definitely check these products out and introduce them into your routine if you want your colour to last as long as possible without needing to touch it up.


Do you have a favourite hair colour enhancing product or brand you’d like to share?


xo, Jenny

14 responses to “Maintaining Red Hair”

  1. Mantenso says:

    I loveeeee reading haircare posts, I wear extensions(weaves) so I’m always wanting to try new hair colours and reds been on my list for ages. If I do decide to take the plunge I will definitey be investing in some of the products mentioned!


  2. Jenny says:

    I love and appreciate every comment butunfortunately I can’t reply to all comments like I used to but read every one! Thank you 🙂 xx

  3. Gabrielle says:

    I love the colour of your hair and so you’re definitely the right person to be giving tips to those tempted to try red hair 🙂 Also, your mention of gloves has reminded me of an old friend who dyed her hair blue without covering her hands – ah!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  4. C A M I says:

    I would of loved to know all of these tips when I had red tint in my hair, too bad it gone now !

    Camila | http://www.myvoguestyle.com

  5. Becky Hines says:

    First off, I’d just like to say that you & your hair are gorgeous. Red hair definitely suits you! I’m a natural red head and have never died my hair, but I actually think that using products made to enrich red hair work wonders. Every time I use products that are supposed to enhance my color I always get compliments on my hair. Great blog post Jenny, x!

    Becky, xx // http://undertheseabeauty.blogspot.ca/

  6. Jamie RS says:

    great post! red is such a lovely color and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

  7. Some really good products here 🙂 I love red hair – but it wouldn’t suit me lol! Xx


  8. Carina Vardie says:

    You take such awesome care of your gorgeous hair! Lovely post! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Adele Miner says:

    Really interesting read, thanks for sharing! I think your blog is lovely, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  10. wow such a great post full of wonderful products! I wish I had seen this when I had red hair a few years ago. Gemma x

  11. Me says:

    Well Jenny I always thought your hair was naturally that shade so you have done a brilliant job, I recently dyed my hair dark auburn and it’s already fading, I will have to get myself some of this!

    Meme xx

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  12. Faye Fearon says:

    Lovely post, dear!


  13. indiesuns says:

    I have never dyed my hair! It looks like a very hard job to maintain it perfect, but it looks like you’ve got it all under control! xx

    Indie Suns | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  14. I guess I’m lucky as a natural redhead – in a way. Because it’s definitely a tremendous effort to keep red hair looking fresh and bright. However, the one problem with being a red head is that you have to tone your hair no matter what other shade you go because the orange undertones are so strong lol!
    The Autumn Red Colour refresh product sounds interesting 🙂


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