Valentines Fragrance Gift Guide


I’ve conducted the perfect his and hers fragrance gift guide just in time for Valentines Day. This is just a small(ish) gift guide to give you some inspiration on what to get your other half this Valentines Day.


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First up we have Jo Malone Pear and Freesia Cologne; a gentle yet bright scent that works perfectly coming into Spring with the subtle floral undertones and I always enjoy how refreshing and clean this scent is with that generous hint of sweetness it leaves behind. This scent is perfect for someone special coming from the more pricer range of fragrance and not to mention the pretty gift packaging it comes displayed in. I would also like to point out the fabulous online engraving service Jo Malone include with there products as I just recently tried the service out as part of my birthday present a couple of weeks back and couldn’t recommend it enough if you are wanting something extra unique for that someone special this Valentines.


Next, up we have the Barbour Eau De Toilette*- A new fragrance I’ve been loving as of late for its soft sweet scent of vanilla and musk as it lingers for hours once spritzed making this the perfect fragrance for spraying on clothes. I find this perfume really fun and always enjoy spraying it on day’s I’m feeling down to make me smile again and it’s the perfect fragrance for those who love sweeter scents. It also combines notes with a floral blend of romantic rose, jasmine and blush peony making it the perfect Valentines scent because it’s so sweet.


One of my favourite perfumes of all time being Flower Bomb the original scent from Viktor & Rolf. This is the perfume almost every girl loves as it’s an all-round good one!! Light, sugary and sweet this is everything you need for Valentine’s day if you want to forget the chocolates. This scent lingers for hours and now I’ve got my mum hooked too! It’s packed with charming floral notes such as Jasmine, rose, freesia, orchids and patchouli making it a beautiful scent this Valentine’s day; not to mention the pretty feminine packaging.




GANT Fragrance*, a refreshing scent for your man this Valentine’s day! This is one I’ve been loving lately and Kyle really enjoys how fresh this fragrance is compared to his other favourite being the 212 Eau De Toilette. Taking inspiration from the freshness of the salty sea and dark woody notes of the old clipper ships; this is a fragrance that’s bursting with natural depth. This fragrance is a unique combination of raw materials and fresh marine notes that compliment each other really well to create the perfect everyday scent.


Carolina Herrera 212 Eau De Toilette; this is something I bought for Kyle many months ago and let me tell you it smells incredible!! I love the smell of this as it’s completely different to the GANT fragrance and more suitable for evening/special occasions as it’s very sweet with fresh notes of green apple, spices and grapefruit. I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with this fragrance and love the contrast between the sweet scent of this compared to the refreshing scent of GANT; it’s the perfect contrast and a good happy medium between day and night-time for your man. The middle notes give a much warmer finish with ginger, sage and violet and base notes of musk, cedar, incense and sandalwood for a modern masculine finish.


I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this past week and this has never happened during my years of blogging so it’s totally out of the norm for me! I’ve had a really bad chest infection and still recovering and just wanted to let you all know. I’m hoping to get more organized once I’m fully recovered by scheduling posts so this doesn’t happen again and looking forward to getting back into things again after such a long break.


I’m a little last minute with my gift shopping so popping into town tomorrow to pick up a couple of last minute gifts for Valentines Day and I could imagine I’m not the only one that’s left it to the last minute. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and hope you all get spoiled.


xo, Jenny


8 responses to “Valentines Fragrance Gift Guide”

  1. Kelsey & Kenecha says:

    Love the Flower Bomb perfume!


  2. TheStyleRawr says:

    Flowerbomb is my favourite perfume I don’t own, the bottle is so pretty too!

    T x

  3. Alice Grace says:

    I love FlowerBomb, it’s so decadent and rich and perfect for a romantic date night! My other half’s favourite scent is Bleu De Chanel, it’s such a sexy fragrance and whenever he wears it, I can’t leave him alone!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  4. nueyork says:

    Flower Bomb is just so dreamy! It’s definitely a scent I want to add to my collection someday.


  5. I didn’t know that Barbour has fragrance range, I love sweet scents so I’d love to give a sniff!

    Ela BellaWorld

  6. The Barbour fragrance sounds so nice! I didn’t even know they had a perfume!! And I am definitely one of those girls that loves Flower Bomb 🙂


  7. The Sunday Mode says:

    I absolutely love Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia, it’s such a nice clean scent and perfect to wear everyday in my opinion. I’m running so low on my bottle though, I’d love to receive it as a gift, whether that be for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday really.


  8. Nati says:

    Those are perfect scents for Valentine’s Day. I would also include Love Story by Chloé (:
    Nati xx

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