My Goals for 2016


Every year I enjoy planning out my New Year Resolution for the year ahead and getting things into perspective, however, I’ve seen myself break these pretty quick! I’m hoping to stay more committed this year with my new space to start focusing more on my blog and improve certain areas of my personal life.


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Goal One: Save money; this is something I enjoy setting every year as I always feel more secure when I have a good balance in the bank and always use my credit card when making purchases to reclaim my yearly credit bonus every December. Money is definitely something that I haven’t had much control of during 2015 and never saved anything away (oops!), so this year I’m hoping to make a positive change to save away again and make product purchases that will benefit me and not end up unused and abandoned.


Goal Two: Improving my blog content and photography, every year I’ve made the same resolution and this year I want to focus entirely on this and make use of my new cameras and kit that I and my partner invest in for other projects out with blogging. I’m also looking to improving other aspects of my blog and get more creative posts featured with a good mix of flat lays and personal shots.


Goal Three: Get out more and explore, something I loved doing during the end of 2015 and travelling to different parts of Greece, it was a real eye opener to different exciting opportunities out with my comforts zone. I don’t get much opportunity to explore different places with my work being weekly, but I’m wanting to make more of a conscious effort to save money away to visit new places and not spend it all on clothes, shoes or make-up.


Goal Four: Finally pass my driving test, having lessons for the past year now it’s become somewhat of a running joke in my family and something that I need to conqueror this year. I’ve booked my test for March, so hoping to pass the first time, but if not it’s a learning curve so all in all I’m not entirely fussed how it pans out but would love to pass first time. In all honesty my head hasn’t really been in it and I’ve found myself thinking about a million other things and losing focus of what I’m actually supposed to be doing, so in a way I do feel I’ve let myself down on that front but starting to buckle up and take control of the situation. On a happier note, I did pass my theory test first time so fingers crossed the practical will have the same outcome if I really set my mind to it.


Goal Five: Something everyone includes in New Years Resolutions would be to look after them selfs more and get into a good fitness regime. Going from a size 8-6 over the past year and I could actually remember being a size 10 at some point during my teens, I’ve steadily noticed how much my body is changing and it is scary! I wouldn’t say I was stuck thin but with that being said I would like to get eating more and having a balanced diet. I always eat breakfast and have my coffee in the mornings but I do mostly skip lunch and maybe snack on a cookie or cereal bar from time to time in-between breakfast and lunch and normally get a good dinner. I would say my diet is pretty reasonable and I always try and make smoothies every day packed with fruits, veg and vitamin powders but do feel I need to include more meats and protein in my diet to bulk up slightly. Including more protein in my diet is my ultimate goal to achieve the body I want to work towards, I would like to go back up to a size eight and work towards toning my body up and doing squats every day and crunches with some yoga or meditation mixed in between for a complete balance of mind and body.


Goal Six: Improve my skin, something I’ve talked about allot on Krystel Couture and something that does cause me stress. Following on from above, my diet is great and I don’t actually consume much-processed foods and always cook from scratch and must admit my only pitfall would be cakes and cookies. I’ve completely stopped drinking fizzy juice, eating crisps and un-natural products to help combat my troublesome skin. This, however, hasn’t helped much! My skin still causes me trouble and I’ve now gone for a different makeup/skincare routine from brands I know won’t break me out and trying products that help combat acne. Over the past week, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin so hoping this carries on through January so my skin can finally be cleared up and looking it’s best.


I’m so looking forward to 2016 to see what it brings and how much goals I can achieve! What’s your New Years Resolutions? Let me know below or leave links to your post.


xo, Jenny

5 responses to “My Goals for 2016”

  1. My says:

    Keep up the good work! Look forward to see more of your creative work and content!


    Artist & Style Blogger

  2. TheStyleRawr says:

    I think your skin and hair is beautiful! I definitely need to improve my health this year…

    T xx

  3. Tal says:

    I really want to try sunday riley! ACE picks Jenny!


  4. Good luck with your goals and I hope you manage to achieve all! One of my goal is to manage my time properly instead of just wasting on stupid things, and also focusing on the blog more, with a full time job it is kinda hard to find time for it 🙂 xx


  5. The Sunday Mode says:

    My skin is something I’d like to try and work on this year as well. I keep my diet and routine the same and sometimes my skin is amazing and other times it’s like a war zone, so I think my next step is to change up my skincare routine and try and introduce a few new products to shake things up. We’ll see how that goes!


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