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Last month I went on a short trip to Edinburgh to try out the Environ Active Vitamin Treatment facial at Conetta & Co Beauty Rooms with my Wahanda voucher. I’ve mentioned Wahanda recently in my Christmas Gift Guide and basically, you can book online with discounts and day out packages or buy a gift card for someone special. I love this service and find it much easier booking online and topping up my wallet to pay for treatments on the go. Another great thing about this service is the fact you receive discount voucher codes of any treatment/salon listed on the website.


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As many of you might already know my skin has been getting me down lately and I’ve been trying everything to get it to behave, but as usual, nothing seems to work. As frustrating as it is I just want my skin to look clear and blemish/scar free again, but I feel this could take a good couple of months. I wanted to treat myself to a relaxing day out and opted for the Environ Active Vitamin Treatment at Conetta and Co Beauty Rooms located just outside the Haymarket station in Old Town Edinburgh. The salon is absolutely beautiful inside and much larger/spacious than expected. The high ceilings and all white backdrop really accentuate the original features and gives a breathtaking modern touch to create a welcoming environment for clients.


I was taken to a private room with dim lights, soft music and a table with the softest of blankets and warm hot water bottle. It was the perfect atmosphere for some me time and so relaxing that I was close to falling asleep on numerous occasions. To start my face was thoroughly cleansed and prepped using Environ products, then a peel was applied and the beautician used a sound wave device to deliver Vitamins A, C and Antioxidants into the lower levels of the skin using a painless electrical device that pulses the skin. You can hear the device working but you don’t feel a thing and it was a great experience to have this done to help repair and exfoliate my skin. The peel felt warm and tingly, but not at all uncomfortable, in fact, it was good to know it was working and you could really feel it getting into the deeper layers of the skin, more so after using the sound wave device.


Whilst the peel got to work I received a shoulder, neck and head massage which felt heavenly, you could hear the knots popping but I couldn’t feel a thing, apart from total relaxation, it was pure bliss. After removing the peel I then received a face mask and an intensive hydrating serum for afterwards and this was gently massaged into the skin to finish the treatment off. The environ range is only available to salons and the range I received for this full Vitamin Treatment was packed with vitamins A, C and E and Green Tea extract. The concentration of vitamins A and C are increased in the step by step process of this treatment so it is a step by step system.. The whole experience lasted a good 60 minutes, if not more and I was left to relax afterwards and take my time to get ready whilst being treated to a freshly brewed herbal tea.


*p.s – I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this week! I’ve had a hectic week with technical problems and suffering from the cold alongside trying to finish up painting and decorating in the new house for us to get moved in before Christmas! It’s been all go at the moment and pretty full on, to say the least. I could have been more organised and prepared by having posts ready in my drafts but that also failed miserably, so this is something I’m going to be working on this week just in case anything does arise in the future.


Do you have any favourite salons in or around Edinburgh?


xo, Jenny



5 responses to “My Experience at Conetta and Co Beauty Rooms”

  1. It was so relaxing! It was a great experience and I’d definitely like to do it again 🙂 and that would be amazing ha,ha! xx

  2. The Sunday Mode says:

    This sounds like a really lovely and relaxing day. Things are getting so hectic around this time of the year, I feel like this is exactly what I need! I do love a good ‘Treat yourself’ day.


  3. Lauren says:

    It sounds like such an amazing day. I would love to have a pamper day like this, it would help my skin so much. Maybe I should use some of my Christmas money to treat myself

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

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