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Love coffee? Then make sure to keep reading as I have some exciting varieties from the new Premium roast collection and new Instant coffee flavours.


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beanies, premiumblend, cappuccino, coffee, beaniestheflavourco,

beanies, premiumblend, brandy, coffee, beaniestheflavourco,


You can read my really old review of beanies here, but these are the latest flavours to hit the shelves and with their new luxurious ground blend, you really can’t go wrong! Now being a coffee addict the ground blend was my favourite and I absolutely loved the brandy flavour. The Brandy premium roast* is medium strength and packed full of flavour! It’s very rich and creamy which I like and goes great with pouring cream or even brandy cream as a nice morning treat. I think this will be a popular flavour for Christmas and already eyeing up the new festive flavours on the website.


The next flavour was Cappuccino, now I wasn’t overly impressed with this flavour! It never really done much for me and I just felt it was slightly bland compared to the Brandy. The cappuccino never really tasted like cappuccino to me so it wasn’t my most favourite flavour from the brand but I’d definitely try the other flavours out such as Cinnamon Stick, Malt Whiskey, and Sticky Toffee to name just a few, The instant coffees are great if your on the go and only take 2 minutes to prepare! I received Cinder Toffee, Very Vanilla* and Mint Chocolate*.


I love how easy these are to use but don’t find them as strong as the new premium range which requires a cafeteria to filter the coffee, thus giving a more rich and strong flavour. I generally use the instant coffees for the afternoon now but do think they’d be great if you don’t want really strong coffee and something milder in the mornings. Cinder Toffee* was my favourite from the range and just like the other flavours, it doesn’t require sugar as it’s already pretty sweet as it is! Like I explained in my first ever Beanies post all of these coffees come with a low-calorie count and the granules are infused with the finest of quality flavourings instead of being coated for a long lasting flavour experience.


Have you tried Beanies yet? What’s your favourite at home coffee brand?


xo, Jenny

28 responses to “Beanies Premium Roast Coffee”

  1. I’m sure they deliver out with the UK but not entirely sure on that note! and definitely I always love checking out other foods and beauty products that we don’t get in the UK haha 😀 x

  2. You’ll definitely love these! 😉

  3. I highly recommend the premium collection! Very strong in flavour 😀 x

  4. veebzboo says:

    The very vanilla one sounds so yummy! I haven’t tried this brand, just because I’ve gotten lazy as we have a Nespresso machine lol. But I really want to try this now, they sound tasty.


    • Ha,ha I love my coffee machines but sometimes get bored of the pods so love using my coffee filter to try different ground blends 😀 You should give the premium range a go! x

  5. I agree with Jennifer Jayne please send me those too!



  6. Lauren says:

    I haven’t heard of these but my mom would loveee the brandy one!!

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  7. I mostly use coffee pads but sometimes for a change I like trying new coffees. I don’t use sugar and I mostly drink my coffee without milk so that I can get that strong flavour. I’d like to try that mint coffee 🙂 xx


    • I use all different kinds of coffee but do love my ground blends as they have a much stronger flavour to them! I just use brown sugar as I find it compliments coffee really well and a dash of milk! 😀 I highly recommend you give the premium collection a try! You wont be disappointed x

  8. Love cappuccino!! I need to try this and thanks for sharing 🙂



  9. Monika says:

    Brandy one sounds great! Thanks for the review!


  10. Girl Abroad says:

    Hello there!
    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog – Girl Abroad!

  11. Hey, just stopped by from LFB. Never heard of that brand before and not sure if Mint Coffee would be for me but other than that – vanilla infused coffee sound right up my alley! Thanks for sharing from one java junkie to another 🙂
    xo Martina

  12. May Cho says:

    All of these sound wonderful! I like my coffee unsweetened, so a natural trace of sweetness, like in Cinder Toffee (what a stunning name!) is right up my alley!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin’

  13. I’ve heard so much about Beanies but never tried it! I love the sound of the mint chocolate one, I sometimes get so bored of the instant coffee we have at work. I’m definitely going to look at the ground coffee for my brothers xmas presents 🙂

    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

    • The mint chocolate was lovely! Definitely a great one to try and sweet too! I think coffee would make the perfect Christmas present!! That’s just given me an idea 😀 x

  14. Alina Isaev says:

    A good cup of coffee can make or break a day! I’ll be sure to try out the recommended as I’m always looking for new coffee blends 🙂

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture – lifestyle blog

  15. Considering these aren’t as strong as the new premium range, these would be perfect for me as I don’t like my coffee to be too strong X


  16. Zee says:

    Love all your beautiful pictures!!

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