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Yesterday I missed a post and just having such a busy week! On top of my usual work and blogging I’ve been stranded with a bad cold that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon… Friday I just managed to get out of bed to do a collaboration with a local photographer as part of a couples portfolio she’s working on at the minute; so can’t wait to show you guys the outcome of this!


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Today was spent around Edinburgh enjoying the Fringe Festival and the general atmosphere! In all honesty I haven’t had much of a break this week to recover and planning on having a quiet night in tonight to relax and unwind after a long week. This would be my usual weekend in if I’m having one, as I don’t actually drink much or go out drinking it’s just not really my scene! I do love a good cocktail or dinning out at the weekend but that’s about it.


I’m more into the quiet life and love nothing more than relaxing in a nice bubble bath with my favourite products and a glass of Prosecco! LUSH has to be my favourite place for bath bombs but currently enjoying the Bomb Cosmetic ones and like the fact these are natural too and just as nice. I’ll be having cocktails tonight after trying out a new drink called Aperol and find the taste really fruity mixed with Prosecco and freshly squeezed orange. We have an ice crusher installed in the fridge so it’s perfect for relaxing nights in to instantly chill my drinks and make fresh cocktails at home.


I’ve got a huge pile of magazines growing at the minute and definitely need to find more time to get through them all and get some inspiration! I also bought a new LUSH mask last weekend called “Love Lettuce” which was recommended to me to help with my skin. It brightens the complexion really well whilst exfoliating dead skin cells and the almond oil leaves my skin so soft! I also like how it includes Lavender oil to relax the mind and balance oil production.


I also picked up a fresh block of “Marron” henna from LUSH to give my hair a fresh coat tomorrow night and leave my hair more vibrant, but with warmer red tones for Autumn. You might have noticed me rave about the Sunday Riley Luna night oil here and for good reason! It’s an absolute god send for tired skin and I always like using it over the weekend before Monday comes to give my skin a pamper session and banish tiredness and stress. Mr Blanc is a new product I’ve been trying over the past month or so and really impressed with the results these whitening strips give and in so little time! I will be reviewing these in more detail over the next coming week or so and can’t wait!


Hope your all having a brilliant weekend,


xo, Jenny

23 responses to “Weekend In”

  1. TheStyleRawr says:

    Looking forward to reading your Mr Blanc review and I LOVE that this post includes booze haha!

    Tara x

  2. Aperol Spritz is such a lovely cocktail, I only discovered it myself recently. I need to start making some at home 🙂


  3. Justyna F says:

    Read a lot about the Fringe Festival while working as an English teacher 🙂

  4. Kiki Rampone says:

    These are such pretty pictures! That candle looks like it smells amazing. Great post!

    xo Kiki


  5. Jessica says:

    i love how you style your stuff! very glossy mag 😀 every post feels like an editorial 😀

    | notjessfashion.com

  6. If I have all these at the weekend, I would probably never leave home. That candle looks so good and at first I thought it was a strawberry smoothie.


    • Ha,ha! and it looks like a smoothie and actually smells like on too! It’s from Flamingo Candles in the scent ‘Strawberry’s and Champagne’ has to be one of the best candles I’ve ever come across! x

  7. Nati says:

    What candle is this? It looks soo pretty (:
    Nati xx

  8. Aw that sounds lush! (Pardon the pun).
    I have just finished reading LAST MONTH’S Vogue so I feel your pain on the magazine front. I’m gutted I havent seen any fringe shows 🙁 just on my door step but work and flat moving has got me on lock down!
    Enjoy your chill time x


    • Thanks Katie 🙂 and it takes me forever to read magazines 😀 and that’s amazing! I wish I lived in the main streets of Edinburgh as just love the city but currently living outside in the country so it can be a hassle community as it takes a good hour by train! x

  9. Annabel says:

    Sometimes a weekend in just cant be beaten, especially if you throw in some prosecco!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

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