Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil


I’ve used the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil every other night since then…. I’ve definitely been having a thing for facial oils over the past couple of months and loved using this alongside the Marula oil to get my skin under control and blemish free.


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Product Details:  Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil


WHY Do I like IT?

I actually love everything about this oil, from the deep indigo blue to the overwhelming scent of essential oils. The essential oil complex really helps to calm and soothe the skin, perfect for those with acne or damaged skin. Most people hate the overly strong smell of essential oils but I just love it and the scent is very hard to describe but I think it smells amazing! When applying this oil to my skin the scent just relaxes me and really calms my nerves for a good nights sleep. The first thing I was instantly drawn to after using this oil after a couple of nights was the appearance of my pores! They were literally gone! I can’t even explain how well this works on reducing pore size and it’s the first positive thing I’ve seen this oil do. I was trying to get photos of my pores but this wasn’t working in my favour, so you will just have to take my word for it 😉 pore size really wasn’t my main concern when buying this oil, however. My main skin concern was acne scarring and blemishes, this I’ve noticed takes much longer to clear up and dry out using this oil.


After two weeks of continual use I started to notice my scarring fade and my blemishes get smaller, this in return working to renew my skin back to its original form before my hormonal break out that I just couldn’t control for the life of me. This has completely changed my mindset around oils, especially for those with more oily skin! I just don’t think I could go without this now, it’s that good!! My skins left looking much firmer and feel so much softer. In all honesty, my skin just feels and looks renewed from within and out! I could imagine how deep this must penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to give optimum results with such gorgeous ingredients that really help the skin renew and look it’s very best. This is a retinoid oil that improves damaged skin and reduces pore size and fights wrinkles/scarring; a great formula without nasty ingredients such as parabens and sulphates. This oil is completely natural, made from organic cold pressed oils that nourish and hydrate the skin whilst fighting away skin concerns.


The texture is just divine, it’s very thick and absorbs beautifully into the skin, it’s just a pleasure to use and for a first-time night oil/cream user this has completely blown my mind! It’s never once crossed my mind to use a light oil or cream but I will be continuing the use of this from now on. Avocado does wonders for the skin and that really got me excited when using this as my skin looks so much better; I just feel happy that I invested in this product and got the results I wanted. My skins just glowing, like seriously it’s naturally glowing and I’ve just never seen it look this good in a long time! It’s no longer dull and tired looking, it just looks much happier and less stressed due to hormones and my constant battle with blemishes. I normally get spots on my chin and this is the only place they appear and it’s difficult to find a good product to completely remove them and scarring damage. My spots are not completely gone and I’m now into week eight of using this oil, but I understand this can take time, especially if it’s bad, which my skin was! The good thing about this oil is it never broke me out once and my skin never peeled when using the oil every night.


The thickness of my skin has significantly improved also! this was another quick result I noticed with using this oil, alongside glowing/healthy skin and reduced pore size. This oil contains everything you need in my opinion for the beautifully plump skin! Rich in vitamins B, C, D, E and A with Omega 3 and lots of lovely oils. This has basically transformed my skin and worked in every area I wasn’t very concerned about but still very happy with the results! As for the blemishes, this was my main concern and the reason as to why I invested in this oil but I was being realistic when using this and know patience is key to seeing my blemishes completely disappear. I do feel ‘Good Genes‘ has worked much better on my blemishes compared to this oil but using both together has been a great combination but can be a little overpowering, I will go into more detail on this when reviewing Good Genes.



Me being me, I did expect to see huge results after just one use in my acne/blemishes but unfortunately, it did take a little longer, but then again everyone’s skin is different. I did, however, see fast results in my pore size and texture of my skin, so this has been a huge positive aspect of this oil and that alone hasn’t let me down or made me feel this was a complete waste of money. Talking of money I did find this VERY expensive, as a matter of fact, this must be the most I’ve ever spent on an oil but totally worth it! I could see this lasting me months if not longer. It’s definitely an investment oil, but one that will last and serve you well! The results I’ve noticed from this oil over way any facial or salon treatment which can cost a good amount of money; if you do this every month. This oil does work like a facial treatment in a bottle and from my personal experience, I think it’s much better and way more effective! Good Genes reminds me of acne laser therapy and this cost me a lot of money every month, but by using these serums you could save money. Like I said everyone’s skin is different, but if you are unhappy with your skin it’s always worth trying these out as they could be life changing if your skin gets’s you down.



I applied this every night for the first two weeks of using this and it never broke me out by doing so! I’ve continued to use this every other day after the two weeks to keep my skin in good form and this method has worked for me. When you first apply the oil it’s blue from the bottle and on the skin, but you just gently massage the oil into the skin and it soon disappears, this meaning you’ve massaged the oil in properly.



Have you tried the Sunday Riley Luna night oil?

xo, Jenny

28 responses to “Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil”

  1. Andrea jueong says:

    Nice review and images! Sounds great!

  2. Kiki Rampone says:

    This looks wonderful! I’ve never tried a skincare oil, but this one looks perfect. Great review!

    xo Kiki


  3. Ooo I’m always on the lookout for awesome new skincare stuff, I’ll definitely check this out! xx


    • Thanks lovely and this oil is great! It’s helped with my acne and just makes my skin look more fresh and glowing! It does take long to dry however so I normally apply an hour before my make-up xx

  4. Great review. I’ve seen many talking good things about it before, I still haven’t had a chance to try it yet:/ x


    • Thanks Ela, this is a new oil on the market I think and Cult Beauty has just stocked it so I’ve included a link to that in the post 🙂 it’s definitely one to try, more so if you have dry skin for hydration x

  5. Thank you for the amazing review! Have heard good things about this brand 🙂


    • Thanks Elle and this is my first time experiencing the brand but I did see it in cosmopolitan magazine! I notice Cult Beauty have a new range of the same oil but from a different brand so might be trying this soon too! x

  6. Laura Jane McCarthy says:

    Lovely colour! I’d like to try it out

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin’

  7. thisgirlloveschic says:

    this product looks and sounds amazing1!! need!!

    This Girl Loves Chic

  8. TheStyleRawr says:

    I want it to reduce my pores but I’d only pay half that! SOB.

    Tara x

    • I’m actually mad to be spending so much on this as it’s not like I earn allot but it was an investment I wanted to make as I’ve got huge troubles with my skin and actually on medication at the moment to help treat my acne and I had high hopes for this reducing scarring from other youtuber/bloggers reviews! However this was not the case for me but it has massiviley reduces my pores and I’m happy with the results 🙂 I think I’ll buy it again but we’ll see as it is pricey x

  9. Looks like a very luxurious product! Thanks for sharing!


  10. I would love to try this product. I heard many amazing things about it 🙂


    • It’s incredible! Definitely one to try but again very pricey! I think it works out good however as you only need the smallest amount and it will last months and packed full of natural ingredients x

  11. Raydant says:

    Yikes! It’s pricey, but I believe if it can do the job right, then its a winner! Great post!


    • I agree! It’s more than I’d like to spend on a skincare product but I’m happy I did! It might not have helped with my acne to what I thought it would but its massively reduced my pores and just leaves my skin looking healthy and glowing x

  12. nueyork says:

    The price point of this product definitely hurts, but it’s something I am super curious about regardless! It definitely sounds like a miracle worker. x


    • It does ha,ha! Like I said it’s more than what I’d typically like to spend on a skincare product but happy I did as it’s really reduced my pores and made my skin glowing 🙂 I just wish it helped with my acne more xx

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