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So it appears summer is gradually coming to an end, well for Scotland at least! I thought I’d share my summer foot care routine, but this also comes under my normal weekly routine no matter what time of the year. There’s nothing worse than opting for trainers every day, as I always like to wear sandals/heels when I get the opportunity, but that doesn’t seem to come around much with our unpredictable weather but you always get into a lazy habit of wearing the same shoes constantly.


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The foot scrub and foot lotion has to be one of my most used and loved products! I’ve always got one to hand and it’s a true staple in anyone’s foot care regime. I recently got sent a whole bunch of products from Clearzal and really enjoyed using these over the four week period since getting them and must admit the energizing lotion really is amazing!! It actually reminds me of the LUSH ‘Pink Peppermint‘ cream, but the Clearzal one keeps tingling away after application for a good quarter of an hour if not more.


These contain a balanced mix of natural ingredients/essential oils and non natural ingredients to sooth sore, tired feet. First up we have the Clearzal foot wash solution*, this acts as a nice refreshing pre treatment that can be used in the shower or bath on wet feet. It’s a liquid lotion that helps to refreshen and clean whilst making your feet smell nice with the tea tree oil extract. Speaking of Tea Tree oil this is the perfect essential oil for killing bacteria and viruses, making this lotion great for using at home or in the gym. It’s a really nice light formula and leaves my feet feeling really fresh after use! My feet never smell and I don’t suffer from bacterial related problems, so I’ve never really seen the need to include a special foot cleansing lotion in my routine! Normally a basic soap/shower gel does the trick, but since using this it’s become a firm part of my routine before anything else. In all honesty the only problem I have with my feet is blisters! They always appear after wearing different heels/sandals that rub the skin and this does cause me pain and discomfort. This lotion has actually helped heal the skin gradually and healed up the remaining raw skin and redness in the surrounding area.


After using the foot wash solution I will then move onto the Clearzal Exfoliating cream*. This isn’t as abrasive as I imagined but does the job and the fact it contains pumice, I did expect it to be more scrubby. It contains a soothing Aloe Vera base that cools feet whilst the pumice granules get to work! I found the formula hydrating and it left my feet really soft after massaging the pumice into my feet for a short period of time. I wouldn’t say anything really stands out with this exfoliating cream, but liked the fact this one contained all natural ingredients with Vitamins E, A & D and Jojoba oil for hydration. This is a gentle exfoliation cream and helps to improve skin and give faster cell growth as it sheds dead skin cells away! It has a subtle scent and doesn’t contain anything that stands out compared to the other products, so it’s a good one if your sensitive to fragrance.


After my bath/shower I will then dry my feet off and use my Scholl Diamond Pedi and find it works very efficiently at removing hard skin! I noticed a difference after my first use and can’t live without this now. The Scholl Pedi makes life so much easier and I picked mine up through Amazon on discount! It leaves my feet super soft and hard skin free. It works perfectly with foot oils/lotions after use and the skin absorbs them so much better I think! It’s really easy to use and it’s also battery powered, making it great for travelling with and also comes with a protector casing to the roller. The roller heads do need to be replaced over time but this isn’t a problem and the pedi must be used on dry skin! I normally opt for using mine straight after my bath when the skins dry, but at its most softest, this making it easier to remove dead skin.


After exfoliating I then like to use the Silk Energizing Cream* or the Nutritional Cream*, depending on how my feet are feeling that evening. I normally love using the Energizing cream and as I stated above it’s very similar to one of my favourite LUSH foot creams and might actually be better! The cream really stands out and I loved the refreshing scent and it’s very strong too!! It’s packed full of menthol to energize and rejuvenate. The reason why I love this so much is because I’m on my feet allot and this helps sooth soreness and just cools my feet down whilst increasing blood flow and stimulation. It instantly relives discomfort in the feet and legs whilst softening the skin and leaving your feet smelling minty fresh. I’ve tried formulas in the past like this from other brands and love how well they work and it’s the type of foot cream I opt for but this one really impressed me.


As for the Nutritional cream it works just the same but without the added menthol and energizing benefits, this cream is more low key and better suited to those with sensitive skin or sensitivity to fragrance. It’s packed full of hydrating Aloe Vera that also cools the skin slightly but has the added benefit of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme essential oils for a subtle cream that helps feet to relax. Both creams work great for softening the skin and keeping it smooth, but I did find them more harder to work the product in compared to other lotions and this is because the formula is much thicker in consistency and takes extra work when massaging in until the white residue is completely gone.


I use the creams almost every day on my feet as part of my routine up keep, but I do forget sometimes! I always try and remember at night after showering to pop some cream on, then wear bed socks for the rest of the evening to let my skin soak up the cream and give my feet a much deserved break. Hopefully you liked my routine and I’m always mixing my products and always on the hunt for different creams and scrubs.


What’s your favourite foot scrubs? Have you heard of Clearzal before?


xo, Jenny


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10 responses to “Summer Foot Care Routine”

  1. TheStyleRawr says:

    I definitely need to take more care of my feet, I think it’s really interesting that Urea is a key ingredient for supple tootsies!

  2. Lauren says:

    I admit I have become lazy over the last couple of months and don’t take care of my feet like I should. You have inspired me to get all my foot care products out and that is what I shall be doing for the rest of the night now!

    Lauren x


  3. Such a great review! I am planning to buy School for so long, hopefully will do it soon. I like that exfoliating scrub, it is a good one xx


  4. Savvy Soles says:

    Thank you for sharing! Dry heels are our worst enemy so we are always looking for remedies! Loved this post so much! Love your blog keep it up!

    -Savvy Soles

  5. veebzboo says:

    I definitely want to take more care when it comes to my feet. I’m always getting pedicures though, so I let someone else do all the work lol. I think it would be a lot cheaper and easier to invest in your amazing tips and take care of my tootsies at home.


  6. Nadiya Sloan says:

    I have just discovered your blog & loving it 🙂
    Such a great reminder to look after those wee feet better (I’m never good at that ugh!). I also definitely understand the struggle of opting for the same shoes over & over again 🙂
    xox N.

  7. Summer definitely seems to be coming to an end where I live too! You’re definitely making me want to take more care of my feet right now 🙂 love your reviews!!


  8. Wow! This was such a detailed and great review. I’m very big on looking after my feet so always on the hunt for new products. Will look into these a tad bit more 😀 X


  9. When did you change your header, it’s so lovely! I am so bad when it comes to a foot regime! I think I need to invest in some products like these and keep them with the rest of my stuff so I remember to use them.

    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo

  10. wow, first time visint your blog and i loveee it! you have such an amazing layout and header, so chic. great post too 😀

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger


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