Pawsome and Purrfect July Box


Welcome to another instalment of Pawsome and Purrfect July box, you can view my full review of the January box here! These are fun subscription boxes packed full of toys and treats for your dog and cat with a monthly delivery. I always love opening the boxes with Blackie and Ollie and they always get excited too! It’s always exciting to see how they react and how happy they are when opening the boxes up to see what’s inside.


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As you might have guessed each month you get different toys and treats, this meaning new products every month for your furry friends. Ollie’s box was packed full of summer toys such as the Frisbee which we love taking out to the local park to play with! He also received a squeaky camper van, which I found fun as it fits in with the summer theme and traveling. He never stops playing with this and loves anything with a loud squeakier in it 😀 He also received a fold out water bowel which comes in great when we go to the woods or long walks, as its convenient to use and travel with on long journeys. He’s currently trying to get through his large chew and cured sausages, which he also received in the box. The sausages are made from prime meat cuts and natural ingredients which I love! I always try and feed Ollie natural treats when possible and buy natural dog food as it’s much better and healthier, this giving your dog the best possible life and glossy coat.


Blackie received three little bird toy’s in his box alongside mini treat pouches which he loves! The treats are natural again and from Pet Munchies, this is a gourmet brand packed full of antioxidants and omega 3 for a healthy heart and glossy coat. I normally feed Blackie and Ollie James Wellbeloved because they include the highest and purest quality of ingredients, but with that being said I also enjoy finding new brands and it also gives them plenty of variety if they get board of having the same food and treats all the time. The Pet Munchies are freeze dried chicken liver treats which I’ve never heard of before but Blackie loves them! They have a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals and perfect for feeding during the day as a treat.


I’m hoping to get another post up soon with Ollie’s puppy pictures and how quick he’s grown over the past year with all of his favourite toy’s and treats in one post! 🙂


Have you tried a pet subscription box? What’s your pets favourite treat/food brands?


xo, Jenny


Some of these items have been sent to me for review and will be appropriately marked. Please see my disclaimer for more information

18 responses to “Pawsome and Purrfect July Box”

  1. Haha I know it was hard getting photos of them both 😀 My cat was more interested in the box itself and keeps sleeping in it 🙂 my dog was excited as he’s just over a year old and loves all the toys xx

  2. Aw thank you 🙂 xx

  3. Aww ha,ha I love having pets but maybe that’s just because I’ve grown up with them but love seeing other cats in the street ha,ha xx

  4. Catrionaar says:

    These are so cute, I think my dog would love a box!!


  5. Sophie Smith says:

    This has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I had no idea you could get those boxes, what a lovely idea!


    • Aw thanks Sophie <3 and I new since January about these boxes and found the idea really fun and a nice surprise for my pets! They always get excited when the post comes and know it's the boxes 😀 x

  6. winscribbles says:

    awwww this is so cute!! if I had a pet! 😀


  7. Lauren says:

    How adorable! My cats would love this! Well probably the box more than the contents but still 🙂

    Lauren x


  8. They don’t seem really interested in with the content of the boxed however the cat is happy to have the box itself haha 🙂 xx


  9. I really want to try a pet subscription box, but with 3 huge doggies, I don’t think there would be one big enough! These sound great though & include very useful bits 🙂

    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo

  10. Kiera :) says:

    I should get this for my cat, he would love a prezzie like this every month


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