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First and foremost how pretty is the Little Ondine packaging? I mean I absolutely love it as it has a really unique retro vibe to it. I’ve actually been dreaming of the day a natural alternative to chemical nail polish becomes readily available, and that day was granted when Little Ondine got in touch.


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littleondine, nailpolish, krystelcouture,

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littleondine, cuddle, nailpolish,

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Product Details: Little Ondine Cuddle and Secret Base/Top Coat  c/o


Never would I have imaged a natural nail polish becoming available and honestly it’s better than what I would have thought! Normally when it comes to natural alternatives they don’t work as effectively or quick as man-made substances, but this formula completely blew me away! If you read my blog regularly you’ll know by now that I prefer natural alternatives when I can get a hold of them and do find they take longer to work, but I’m happy to reside with this fact and mainly enjoy the products for their ingredients more than anything! That’s exactly where Little Ondine comes in! I don’t have a bad word to say about these polishes and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!! Each polish is packed with organic colourants and natural resin to bond the formula to the nail plate. I can’t even remember the last time I used regular nail polish and only used the Red Carpet Manicure gel formulas when I did (which you can read more about here). I just find the strong chemical smell of regular polish putting in all honesty, and the formula would always chip after a couple of days and it was so much hassle having to reapply the polish again and again.


I’m actually relieved I’ve come across Little Ondine as it’s given me more options to still have pretty nails but have a fuss free formula that actually works! It’s so easy to use and I first apply the ‘Secret‘ base coat and it dries almost instantly. The same goes for the main base colour; I received the shade ‘Cuddle‘ a pretty subtle nude brown that’s perfect for everyday wear! I’ve enjoyed this shade and it’s different to what I would normally wear i.e. I absolutely love my bright reds and deep purples. I would apply two coats of ‘Cuddle’, then once the formula is dried, I will then go in again with ‘Secret’ to seal the base as this also works as a top coat, making it the perfect multi tasker. Two things really stood out to me when using this and that was how quick the formula dried and the fact it has no horrible chemical scent to it what so ever! It was a breath of fresh air! I just feel in love with these polishes and can’t wait to try other shades from the range now.


You can’t go wrong with these polish formulas as it’s easy to apply and mess free! I would always get regular polish stuck in the cuticles and along the nail wall, meaning I would have to use a cotton bud to remove the product without ruining the rest of my nail. With these polishes, you don’t have that worry or stress! You can also just peel off the polish to change your shade in an instant, I mean how goods that? I was worried when receiving the press release and the mention of easy peel! I’m always chipping my nails and would hate if the polish peeled off straight after applying the formula but I was wrong, the formula stays put unless you forcefully remove the polish. The great thing about the easy peel is the fact you don’t need to use chemical nail polish removers, which is another thing I hated about nail polish and having to use these on my nails as it always dried out my nail plate and the surrounding skin.


If you’re looking for a new polish packed full of natural ingredients, with an odourless and quick drying formula you definitely need to try Little Ondine. My nails are in great condition and growing really long since I’ve been using my ‘Cuddle’ polish and it’s definitely down to the caring and hydrating ingredients that have left my nails happy and chip free! I can see my nails going chip free for at least a good week before I have to reapply the polish. They’ve definitely found ground breaking technology with these polishes and Little Ondine will only get more popular with people looking to more natural/friendly alternatives; I’m certainly going to be back for more as I can’t help but admit I’m addicted to this product.


What’re your thoughts on Little Ondine? Are you interested in natural nail polishes?


xo, Jenny


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12 responses to “Little Ondine”

  1. Aw I noticed your review and so envious you received Love Letter! I really want to try the bolder shades as I love red and don’t think I’ll use any other polish now as these are fab! <3

  2. Thanks Sarah 🙂 x

  3. TheStyleRawr says:

    I’d love to try these! Such a cool concept. 🙂

    Tara x

    • It’s amazing! This is my first time trying a natural nail polish and it wont be my last! I’ve actually preferred using these compared to my normal everyday high street polishes now! x

  4. Justyna F says:

    Would love to try these (or any other natural nail polishes), but, alas!, we don’t have them in Poland 🙁

    • Aww that’s a huge shame! This is a new concept in the UK and brilliant too! Hopefully more brands start bringing out natural alternatives in the future to give us more options 🙂 x

  5. Aisha says:

    I’ve never heard about his brand but as you tell it’so cute !! xx


  6. The packaging is so lovely! Also the nude shade is really nice, I like it xx


    • Thanks Ela and I liked the shade but did feel it was slightly transparent on my nails so that’s why next time I’d love to try the bolder shades such as red 🙂 xx

  7. Martha Jane says:

    The packaging is amazing! What cute little products, I’d love to give these a go! x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

    • I loved the packaging and how well presented it was 🙂 You really should this is my favourite nail polish brand now and can’t wait to try the bolder shades such as red xx

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