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Nicka K is a brand new discovery in the realm of make-up for me! I was introduced to the brand through Beauty Crowd and must admit this has to be my first shimmer lipstick since my early teens.


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Product Details:  Nicka K Powder Blush in Rose and Nicka K Lipstick in Desire  c/o


Back in the day, I loved my makeup to stand out and always liked bold lipsticks and eye shadows, but since growing up I’ve seen myself verging more towards neutrals and the classic red lipsticks. Maybe there’s a reason behind this, I mean it can look gimmicky from an adults perspective, but I was left really surprised by this Nicka K Hydro lipstick and how pretty it looks on. In the bullet, it looks really bright and shimmery but once applied the shimmer is subtle but stands out in direct sun light, which I love for summer! It’s still a bright shade and much brighter than I initially imagined but thankfully I just get away with it.


I always have to watch when choosing lipsticks now because of my hair and pale complexion, as some shades can clash or make my skin look more washed out! So I normally stick to what I know but with that being said I’m happy I went out of my comforts zone with this one to try shimmer lipsticks again, as this one really is flattering. The formulas really pigmented and give average longevity, but I do recommend using Lipcote if you’re wanting your lipstick to stay put for hours after application!


As for the Nicka K blusher, I loved the cute compact container with the sponge applicator as it gradually dispenses product, thus giving your more control of the depth of shade. I really enjoy this factor as there’s nothing worse than the loose powder that spills in your handbag! This blusher is in the shade Rose, very subtle and natural looking. For this review, I’ve built up the colour more to let you see how it looks on my cheeks so the camera really captures the colour well. I find the shade beautiful and it goes really well with the ‘Desire’ lipstick, making it a nice combination for summer and evenings.


The blusher has great longevity and holds up well on my oily skin which is great news for me! It doesn’t contain any shimmer and gives a matte finish making it a nice contrast from the bold lipstick, and gives more interest to your desired makeup look. Nicka K is a New York based makeup brand that’s now reached the UK with affordable cosmetics, and the gorgeous lipstick featured in today’s post is paraben free and packed full of Jojoba oil for hydration and conditioning properties.


Have you heard of Nicka K before? What’re your thoughts on these cosmetics?

xo, Jenny


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19 responses to “Get the look with Nicka K”

  1. Thanks so much 🙂 x

  2. Thanks Stacey 🙂 and I love the lipstick it’s subtle but still wow! xx

  3. Savvy Soles says:

    Great lipstick color! Love the post 🙂

    -Savvy Soles

  4. I haven’t seen this brand before, the branding and packaging looks great!


  5. You look pretty. That blush is beautiful x


  6. Kiera :) says:

    Your lipstick is so cool, love that shade of pink great pop of colour


  7. TheStyleRawr says:

    You really suit a bold lip! This statement shade is so feminine and it looks lovely on you. 🙂

    Tara x

  8. Sara Strauss says:

    Love this makeup look! You look so fresh-faced and pretty! Love the pink lipstick!
    Sincerely, Sara

  9. nueyork says:

    I have never heard of this brand either, but it sounds lovely! I adore the look you created with these products. x


  10. Love this! I’ve really been into bold lips lately, although I’ve stayed more in the dark red/purple realm, yet to attempt a bright pink – but this is a really fun shade!! xx


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