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If your anything like me and suffers from oily skin and breaks out every other day then this is the kit for you! The Dermalogica oily skin kit contains a full skincare regime to care for and treat problem skin. I’ve suffered from skin problems since my early teens and it’s always plagued me! Acne is very stubborn and it’s almost impossible to treat and reduce scarring. I’ve tried many treatments/medication in the past and these did work short-term, how long-term these methods are no longer feasible and cost a lot of money and my health if I wanted to commit to those methods for future use.


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Product Details: Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit*


WHY Do I like IT?

As I mentioned above I’ve always had a problem with acne since my teens and after giving up medication to treat this I’ve been left with a large breakouts around my chin and neck since doing so! I’ve been looking for different products ever since to help treat and remove acne scarring and keep blemishes at bay. This set is the closest I’ve come to finding products that actually work for me and my skin! I will go through each product and it’s benefits below and how well these products worked for me…


Dermal Clay Cleanser: This was one of my absolute favourites from the kit and something I really enjoyed using! It’s my first experience trying clay cleansers out and you might have seen an old review I done on the Red Clay Mask which totally reminded me of this! It leaves my skin so soft and glowing. My skin just looks so much better after using this and looking healthy too! I’ve also noticed it dries up my spots and reduces redness. It’s a deep cleanser for contains green clays alongside purifying extracts with Ivy and Lemon to remove excess oils whilst creating an uplifting experience and smell. The product is very energising making it perfect for your morning skincare routine and does have a hint of minty freshness to it! It’s hard to describe the smell but it smells like mint and clay mixed together and it’s really nice.

Multi-Active Toner: This smells very fruity and energising! I always use this just after cleansing and find it helps restore moisture and conditions the skin ready for your make-up prep. It hydrates and smoothes the surface of the skin and calms redness with added Lavender oil, Balm Mint and Arnica. I spray this all over my face and throat before applying my BB Cream and foundation and find it leaves a nice matte finish and keeps my skin soft and protected from the elements.

Oil Control Lotion: Again I think this has to be my ultimate favourite from the kit as I notice a huge difference in my skin straight after using this lotion. It instantly reduces redness and calms my skin, whilst providing moisture and creating a matte finish on top of the Multi-Active Toner. It dries up active blemishes and I could definitely see myself buying this again and other products from the kit because this has to be one of the best lotions I’ve come across that works straight away and leaves my skin happy and almost blemish free. I use this every day and can notice my spots reducing in size more and more everyday so very happy with the results of this and can’t wait to keep using it and see how clear my skin can be again.

Skin Prep Scrub: Gorgeous scrub that’s very harsh and really get’s deep into the skin for an ultimate exfoliation experience! This is brilliant and again one of the best exfoliators I’ve used as it’s very thorough and leaves my skin positively glowing. I like using this in the evenings just before bed before applying my night oil as it creates the perfect base to let your night creams/oils sink in deeper and give outstanding results by morning. This scrub really is brilliant and again has that minty fresh smell to it that just feels really energising and increases circulation.

Total Eye Care: Really nice eye cream and I’ve been using this every morning before applying my make-up and really like how it contains SFP 15 to protect the delicate eye area which I’ve never actually come across in other eye cream/gel brands. This helps conceal dark circles and I can definitely notice a difference after using this as it brightens up my under eyes and makes them appear more awake and smooths the skin too! It also has a thick consistency which I like as you don’t need much.


I can’t even express how happy I am with this kit and can’t wait to buy into the full versions and you actually get allot for your money with this set as each sample will last at least a month if not longer! You only need the smallest amount when using these products and they really do make a difference to my skin and another great thing is the fact I got lot’s of free samples with my kit from Pure Beauty which was lovely and a nice surprise too! I really enjoyed using the samples before going onto the full kit and it just gives you a better insight into the Dermalogica brand and the different products.



Absolutely nothing! Couldn’t be happier 🙂


What’s your thoughts on the Dermalogica Oily skin kit? Have you tried the Dermalogica range before?


xo, Jenny

Some of these items have been sent to me for review and will be appropriately marked. Please see my disclaimer for more information

17 responses to “Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit”

  1. It’s super expensive but really helped me and if it helps my skin it’s worth it haha! I’ve always had troubles with acne and bad break outs and these really helped calm my skin down xx

  2. I have oily skin too and this sounds really interesting! I’ve tried Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant in the past and loved it!


  3. TheStyleRawr says:

    I particularly like the sound of the eye cream and cleanser! I love skincare products which actually work.

    Tara x

  4. Ohh! Well I’m sure they do all types of products so you can definitely check out the website! I got this kit from Pure Beauty and the delivery was super fast and they also included lots of free samples in my parcel which was lovely! 🙂 x

  5. Thanks Maria and it’s a good one to try as it contains everything you need for oily skin and lets you sample products you’d never thought of buying before and this could be a bad thing ha,ha, as now I’m hooked and can see myself buying the full versions in the future xx

  6. Claire Cavanagh says:

    I love Dermalogica – pricey, but really does get the job done!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

    • It sure is and if it does the job I don’t see any problem with spending a little more! It’s always something I consider when suffering with oily skin as it can really affect your confidence as it must be one of the hardest skin conditions to control as my skins always up and down! 🙁 x

  7. Anna says:

    I love Dermalogica. Always works for me!


    • Its brilliant! we actually used Dermalogica back in beauty college and that’s when I first came across the brand and absolutely loved it but feel terrible as I never actually bought into the brand myself after all those years! xx

  8. Natalie Da Silva says:

    Thanks for sharing! I really can relate to this as i have always had problems with acne so hopefully this will help! xx


    • Thanks lovely and happy you liked the post! I’d highly recommend you give the kit a go as it gives you a good insight into the different products and the brand as a whole! I’ve been really impressed with the results so far! x

  9. oh wow, i’ve had huge acne problems since my teens and nothing i do seems to be working. definitely going to try this brand out!

    Rachel // Style Soup

    • Aw that’s just like me then! It has to be one of the worst things for confidence as I have good day’s then bad and my skins very up and down so I try and stick to a routine now to try and control it! I could recommend this as its great for trying new products and the sample sizes are pretty large too! x

  10. Mantenso says:

    Wow, the clay cleanser sounds amazing. I’ll add that to my ‘to try’ list after balm cleansers. I haven’t tried anything from the dermalogica range but I have family who have and they have sworn by it, I’ll definitely have a look into more of their products!

    Mantenso xx
    She’s AbouThat Life

    • It really is! I loved the smell of the clay and its really thick and just leaves my skin glowing when washed off! It’s a excellent brand and really gets to work with skin concerns and I’ve been nothing but impressed with the results from this kit xx

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