I bought this on a whim one day after feeling down about how limp my hair has been looking lately! 🙁 Normally I prefer not to use too much product on my hair as it weighs it down, but I wanted something natural that would give my hair lot’s of volume and shine, and that’s where I thought Lush sea spray would come in…

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Product Details: LUSH Sea Spray


WHY Do I like IT?

The great thing about this hair mist is the fact you can use it on dry or damp hair for volume and texture! It also leaves your hair very shiny and soft 🙂 This gives my hair so much oomph, and really brings it back to life! I feel this thickens the hair up nicely and works great on layers to give more texture and control. I find the scent very refreshing and uplifting and it just smells great during spring/summer.



The only problem I have with this spray is the fact you have to be very careful not to use too much, otherwise, you could end up with a greasy scalp and lifeless hair because the salts in this product weigh the hair down. Another thing about this hair mist is the fact I have noticed since buying this a couple of times now that some of the “spray” bottles don’t work so well! It’s like the salt clogs up the spray function on the bottle, making it difficult for the spray to disperse. This can make applying the product extremely difficult, so I’ve had to place the hair mist into a different bottle that works better.


I have to admit that despite the fact I use this regularly I don’t love it! It works, but I just feel there are other products on the market that work just as good for around the same price! Too much of this product and I’m left with greasy, limp and lifeless hair! Too little and it can give great results. I do however love the scent and find it very refreshing, I just think this hair mist is too rich for my hair type maybe and might be more suited for dryer hair in need of moisture. It just doesn’t seem to agree with my hair and puts me in a difficult situation of gambling with a bad hair day or a good one, you just don’t know what the outcomes going to be!



I would apply this using a different spray bottle, as the one I received from LUSH doesn’t dispense the product correctly, it seems like the pump is blocked! I will then apply this to dry hair during the day for a quick refresh and to give my layer’s more texture. Another great tip is maybe spraying into the palms of your hand first and then applying to the hair for more control; I find this method works best for me because it doesn’t agree with my hair much! It does, however, leave your hands sticky.


1 year and 6 months


What’re your thoughts on this spray? Have you tried it?


xo, Jenny


52 responses to “LUSH SEA SPRAY”

  1. Mari says:

    Thanks for the great review Jenny! I love me some sea salt spray and I’m definitely trying the Lush one as it seems to be way more natural than the others on the market.


  2. Becky Bedbug says:

    I really want to try this! I have ridiculously dry hair so it sounds like it might actually help that too!

  3. This one might not be for you then!! Its great but does have these effects if you use to much xx

  4. Eloise Balazs says:

    Oh yay finally a natural based salt spray, this is being added to my wishlist thank you!

    Eloise x|eloisesvilag.blogspot.co.uk

  5. danielle says:

    i really want to try this now! can’t go wrong with lush


  6. Aisha says:

    I’ve never tried salt sprays.. but most of them make the hair so bad 🙁


  7. beauty beybi says:

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  8. RuthyB1 says:

    I’ve been looking for a good salt spray for a while now, and they usually just weigh my hair down even when I only use a little bit! I’ll definitely be looking at this one next!!


  9. I love the Bumble and Bumble range but just find it so pricey! This is nice in moderation but does leave my hair feeling weighed down if I use to much, I love anything LUSH tho ha,ha but have been elft dissapointed with the deodorants 🙁 apart from the powder formulas xxx

  10. kelsey bang says:

    I have seen this product and wondered about it! sounds fun!


  11. I can’t decide what I love more, LUSH cosmetics or macaroons 😉

    I also love wearing sea spray on my hair, especially when I am doing curls.


  12. Sophie Smith says:

    This sounds amazing! Does it make your hair crunchy? All the ones i’ve tried have made my hair all stiff if that makes sense


  13. i.s. says:

    i’v only heard good things about that product x

  14. TheStyleRawr says:

    I haven’t tried it, I did try the Bumble & Bumble version which I don’t like…To be honest, I don’t think I’ll buy this after reading your review! I don’t want to over do it…

    Tara x

  15. It’s a shame you weren’t happy with the product as it sounds like it has great potential!

    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // x

    • It definitely does but sometimes it’s hard not to over use it and I end up with heavy hair and slightly oily roots! I just need to use one or two spritz and see how I get on xx

  16. Zeynab M says:

    This sounds great, definitely need to pick it up. I love your hair it’s such a beautiful colour.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  17. Arden Rubens says:

    Dying to try this product!! xx


    • You should in fact I’m sure they do a smaller version just so you can try it out before paying the full price as I do find it very heavy on my hair if I use to much xx

  18. veebzboo says:

    I haven’t tried this, but it sounds great! I love using anything natural, so I will definitely be giving this a try.


  19. April says:

    ooh ive always wanted to try out lush products. great photos <3


  20. Jordan says:

    Definitely will have to pick up a bottle!


  21. Honia Honig says:

    I didn’t try it until now 🙂 Looks really like a product I should look for next time 🙂


  22. Erika says:

    I have very dry hair and have always thought salt sprays would dry it out even more but I’m really tempted to give this one a go.


  23. I’ve never tried any hair products from lush before, interesting to see your thoughts on it 🙂 great in depth review!


  24. Hilary says:

    Love this review! I bought it online since there are no lush in my country thanks for shairing:) do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:)


  25. Meg Casson says:

    I really want to try some Lush products, they’re always fairly expensive though.


    • Pretty expensive they are but last a good couple of months! Apart from the bath bombs which I normally opt for the bath melts as these last much longer for your money as you can cut them up 🙂 xx

  26. Eloise says:

    Ah that’s a shame it didn’t agree with your hair. I really want to try the bumble and bumble one everyone raves about! xx

  27. Emerald Dove says:

    I saw this product in Lush before and was interested to try it out but I am not sure how well my hair would react to it as I have quite thick, wavy hair. It sounds like quite a nice product from what you’re saying though. 🙂

    • My hairs pretty thick and if you use to much of this it does weigh it down 🙁 it’s worth trying as they do a smaller version I think but it can depend on your hair type and if its dry or oily xx

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